God bless you, find peace and be happy: Yailin ‘La Más Viral’ to Anuel AA in an emotional reveal

Dominican singer overcomes heartbreak, reflecting on personal growth, and her expectations for future relationships post-split with Anuel AA.

The recent discord between Anuel AA and Yailin ‘La Más Viral’ has taken an unexpected turn. The Dominican singer sent a heartfelt message to the Puerto Rican, extending her well wishes amidst their conflict.

In an intimate interview with People en Español, she revealed her current struggles following her split with the reggaeton artist. However, her message to him was one of goodwill and wisdom. “God bless you, find peace and be very happy,” she expressed.

Her emotional health, she admitted, is far from robust. The recent events have taken a toll on her, yet she is resiliently navigating through these challenging times. “I cannot turn a blind eye and say that everything is fine. They have been difficult days, which is normal for any sentimental breakup. But thank God I am trying to overcome this situation, thinking only of my daughter, my work, clinging to God, my family and friends who have been present,” she confessed.

Past experiences don’t seem to weigh her down with regret. Instead, she views them as learning opportunities and stepping stones toward happiness. “I don’t think anything was a mistake, everything happens for a purpose. You just have to try to rebuild yourself with all the experiences that touch us in life and be happy above all else,” she shared.

Is Yailin looking for love again?

The question then arises – is Yailin ready to plunge into the waters of love again? Despite a recent fling with Tekashi 69, she asserts that she is in a phase of self-reflection.

“I think it is time to reflect, to be focused on my happiness and the happiness of my beautiful daughter. I already found true love, her name is Cattleya and for now, this is enough for me,” she admitted.

As for future romantic endeavors, she has set her bar high. The man she next chooses to share her life with must embody respect, loyalty, and a fear of God, she affirmed.