Goddess Canales dances very provocatively to her husband Sigicash, she shows off her body in a black lace jumpsuit

Goddess Channels She is one of the most daring famous Latinas when it comes to sharing an imagenes on his Instagram account, and this time it was no exception, since published a video where she is seen with a very sexy wardrobe and not only that, but she makes very risque movements to celebrate her husband’s birthday, the singer Sigicash.

And it is that undoubtedly Diosa Canales has known how to ignite the spirits of her more than 1.3 million followers that she has on Instagram, since the Venezuelan had no qualms about dancing in a very suggestive way during her husband’s birthday José Roberto Rojas, better known as Sigicash.

“There was everything”

This is how @sigicash’s birthday was celebrated. There was everything …“Wrote the sensual Venezuelan model and actress on her Instagram account, along with the video that has given much to talk about, due to her provocative movements.

And yes, there was everyone, since in the video you can also see the Venezuelan starlet clad in a lace and black leather jumpsuit, shaking her hips as only she knows how to do it.

Sensual and daring dance

The Venezuelan is seen dancing very suggestive in front of her husband’s face, while she moves her hips, who wears a black dental floss thong, while on top she wears transparent leggings that reveal her butt and her shapely legs.

In another shot of the video, Diosa Canales is seen dancing very close to Sigicash, while holding a glass of alcoholic beverage with one of her hands.

Although the celebration took place on December 31, the video is still very successful, it has more than 52,000 likes.

In one of the images you can see the pronounced neckline that Diosa Canales wears while dancing with her husband.

The Venezuelan has been characterized by being very daring in her videos and photographs where he has left very little to the imagination, so his loyal followers do not stop throwing compliments and compliments to the statuesque model.

At the end of December, Goddess caused a furor by posing with a thong made of chain and show your shapely rear.

Another of the images that has caused a lot of sensation is where she appears with a leather jacket, which is unbuttoned, and her huge breasts are seen without a bra.

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