Golden Age: what was the real name of Gloria Marín, Dolores del Río and other stars

Gloria Marín, Ninón Sevilla and Dolores del Río changed their names (Photos: INAH Mediateca)

Some actresses and singers from the Golden era of Mexican cinema have been forced to leave their birth name behind in order to have an artistic career full of recognition, since it is easier for people to remember with one that be heard better.

Most of the artists have decided to change their full name or just their last names because theirs could sound very common or very complicated.

Dolores del Rio
Dolores del Río, a star of Mexican and Hollywood cinema, was called María de los Dolores Asúnsolo and López Negrete (Photo: Facebook / La Época de Oro del Cine Mexicano)

One of the most famous Mexican film stars is Dolores del Rio, who decided to remove his surnames and only leave Del Río. His real name was María de los Dolores Asúnsolo and López Negrete, something that would be difficult to remember, mainly for international audiences.

Gloria Marin He also changed his name a bit due to his mother’s fame. And it was actually called Gloria Mendez Ramos, but took the stage name of his mother, the dancer Laura Marin.

Gloria Marín would have been one of Jorge Negrete's greatest loves (Photo: Twitter / @cinegloria)
Gloria Marín, Gloria Méndez Ramos, took her mother’s artistic surname (Photo: Twitter / @cinegloria)

The famous Cuban star and actress Ninón Seville He completely changed his birth name to make it big in entertainment. Her parents called her Emelia Pérez Castellanos, but she wanted to pay tribute to the French writer Ninon de Lenclos, so he adopted his name.

The Band always carried his artistic nickname, since his birth name was Fanny Kauffman. She was born in Canada, but moved to Cuba, where people began to name her as band, she liked him and adopted him until the last of his days.

Fanny kaufman
Fanny Kaufman “La Vitola”, adopted her nickname in Cuba (Photo: Vasconcelos Library) (Vasconcelos Library /)

Maria Cristina Guadalupe Vega Hoyos, better known as Kitty de Hoyos was another of the stars who changed her name, taking only her last surname and shortening “Cristina” to “Kitty.”

Elisa christy, the dancer and actress who was the first wife of Jorge Negrete and mother of her only daughter, she changed her name since her birth name was Elisa Crochet Asperó.

Cuban actress Carmen Montejo actually called Maria Teresa Sánchez González. At the beginning of his career in Mexico, director Chano Urueta asked him to find an artistic nickname and recommended “Carmen”. The surname “Montejo” arose from the fact that he had stayed in a hotel that was called that way.

Flor Silvestre (Photo: Twitter @@ SalmaMendoza_12)
Gillermina Jiménez would have taken two nicknames already used, until Flor Silvestre, the title of a film (Photo: Twitter @@ SalmaMendoza_12)

Wild flower, one of the most important Mexican regional singers, had to put aside Guillermina Jiménez Chabolla, his birth name, on the recommendation of the announcer Arturo Blancas. After finding several nicknames that were already taken, the announcer suggested using Wild flower, the name of a movie starring Dolores del Río; no one prevented or claimed him for it, so he made himself known with that alias.

Nelly Montiel, also known in Argentina as Nelly Edison, was actually called Nelly Tusnelda Iberer.

International actress Katy Jurado she would have done something similar to Kitty de Hoyos, taking only one of her surnames and reducing her first name, since her parents called her from birth María Cristina Estela Marcela Jurado García.

Marilú singer
María Cristina Estela Marcela Jurado García, better known as Katy Jurado, took only a few parts of her real name to make the artistic one (Photo: INAH)

Laura Hidalgo, one of the divas of the Argentine nationalized cinema, decided to call herself that way since she was born in Romania and her name was Weigh Faerman. Another Argentine who triumphed in Mexico was Lucy gallardo, who was actually called Lucia Elida Cardarelli.

Maria Cristina Rodriguez Maz, better known as Titina RomayHe decided to shorten his middle name and join his two surnames to make way for his artistic alias.

Katy Jurado
“The Little Doll that Sings” was actually called Marina Herrera (Photo: INAH)

Singer Marilú, also known as The Singing Doll, is not called Marilú or María de Lourdes, but Marina Herrera AragonHe just found an alias easier for his audience to remember.

The starlet and Puerto Rican actress Mapy Cortés, he used the nickname they say to women with his name, Maria del Pilar, and looked for a surname that sounded good with the nickname, since hers was mutton.


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