Gomita is assaulted at gunpoint in Edomex streets

Araceli Ordaz, better known as Gomita, lived one of the most difficult moments of his life by being assaulted at gunpoint in the streets of the State of Mexico, as he commented to his followers on social networks, at first he refused and it was then that the lover of others, activated his weapon and caused a panic attack.

The event happened when he was going in the company of his mother and his cousin to a work commitment, to which the three arrived very scared.

It has been a very complicated year for the comedian, because in October Araceli was beaten by her father and ended up denouncing, a situation that had her in the eye of public opinion, since she uncovered a very sensitive family issue.

Gomita was intercepted by the assailant at a traffic light

The influencer felt her life at risk The former clown is one of the most loved influencer in Mexico

According to what the presenter told, she was traveling in her truck with her mother and her cousin and when she stopped at a traffic light, a motorcycle caught up with her and a subject began yelling at her to give him the wallet.

At first, she ignored and it was then that the subject fired his weapon in the air and unleashed panic inside the comedian’s vehicle.

“I was going with the glass up and they began to point the gun at me, the guy cut a cartridge, threw a bullet and kept touching the glass to make me open the window.”

She also said that when the traffic light turned green, she accelerated at full speed and even got into the Mexibus lane, because she felt that they were chasing her and although they were not, she feared for her life.

From her Instagram account, Araceli Ordaz commented that she believed that she would not survive that, as she added that the subject tried to break the glass of his truck but could not and that made him very angry.

How old is Gomita?

The former clown is one of the most loved influencer in Mexico

The presenter is 26 years old and is very active on her social networks, creating content for them and has several million followers, which makes her stay current in the media.

Gomita is said to be a millionaire, as she has proven to have a life of luxury, which has also put her on the topic of conversation.

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