Gomita is humiliated by her mother in a YouTube video

Araceli Ordazbetter known in the world of Mexican entertainment as gummy bearexperienced an embarrassing moment while recording a video that he would later share on YouTube, in which presumed unnecessary purchases what he had done However, she never imagined that her mother interrupted her to scold her and take her out of her house.

“You spend the money like a p * ndejo Araceli. Why don’t you think of well-being, of a future for yourself? You already think better of a house, when do you plan to leave the house?” Mrs. Elizabeth Campos demanded.

“You spend it on pure shit, on clothes, with friends who pay you poorly, with many people. And for your old age? Think of something for your future,” she continued with the scolding.

Seeing that her daughter burst into tears, Mrs. Elizabeth Campos, who in October of last year revealed that she had been a victim of domestic violence, confessed that it was all a joke. Similarly, he assured that he was very grateful for all the support he has received from her and her other two children of hers.

Listen to the scolding of the influencer’s mother from minute 10:29.

Netizens come out in defense of Gomita

Netizens applauded the respect that the influencer always showed for her mother. Despite criticism and controversy, the influencer enjoys great popularity on social networks.

Despite the fact that it was published in mid-March 2021, the video continues to be talked about on social networks and is still among the main news of the Mexican show business. However, the detail that stands out is that more than one netizen has come out in defense of the influencerwho is usually always the target of criticism.

“Araceli never answered her mother ugly and even asked her forgiveness, that speaks very well of her and the respect she has for her mother”, “Goma always tries to give her family the best and spends her money on her family, this joke is unnecessary” and “With this video I realize that she loves her family and friends too much and that money for her is just that money” are some comments that are read in the video of gummy bear in Youtube.

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How old is Gummy?

Despite criticism and controversy, the influencer enjoys great popularity on social networks.

gummy bear was born on September 10, 1994so now you have 27 years old. As American Post News mentioned before, the young woman from Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, State of Mexico has become a benchmark of controversy within Mexican entertainment.

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