Gomita paralyzes the networks with a sensual dance in a minidress

Once again the beautiful and sensual Araceli Ordaz better known as gummy bear leaves us transfixed with her hip movements and quirky dances on social media platforms like tik tok where by the way has millions of followers.

the too influencer She usually shares several dance steps with her followers and in the same way provokes sighs with the sensual outfits she chooses for her presentations, which are tailored to her pronounced curves.

The beautiful celebrity who recently met Cancun with Ana Bárbara, once again left us speechless and that is why in AmericanPost.News We share the most recent video of this celebrity who is giving a lot to talk about.

The sensual video of the influencer that paralyzed social networks

Due to an unparalleled charisma, the renowned celebrity constantly pampers his followers with sensual photographs and one or another video to raise the temperature and boy did he achieve his goal.

This time it was through the tiktok platform where he shared a video joining a dance train, however, very much in his style, he did it wearing a black mini dress that undoubtedly left little to the imagination.

“The rubber band is always beautiful, beautiful and sensual”, “I love your lifestyle and how smiling you are in your videos”, “Always with a good attitude, infecting others, beautiful inside and out” are some of the comments that your followers leave on your posts.

The video in question already exceeds 67 thousand likes and hundreds of comments, shows what the power that the influencer has in social networks tells us.

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How old is Gummy?

How old is Gummy?

Born on September 10, 1994, Aracely Ordaz Camposis a famous model, influencer, television presenter and comedian who currently has 27 years old.

His career in show business exploded after participating in the entertainment program Sabadazo, where he and his brothers, the clowns “pencil” Y “pencil“They managed to captivate the public and make a name for themselves on social networks where they have the largest audience.

Nowadays gummy bear She stands out for being a well-known influencer and at the same time continuing to work in the circus with her brothers, bringing entertainment and healthy quality to families.

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