Gomita reveals details of the beating his father gave him: “He kicked me”

Aracely Ordaz, better known as “Gomita”.

Photo: Archive / Reforma Agency

In October 2021, Aracely Ordazbetter known as gummy bearraised her voice against violence against women, since she was one more victim at the hands of her own father, Mr. Alfredo Ordaz-Barajaswho would have beaten her for defending her mother.

And although at that time he did not reveal in detail the type of blows he received, it was during a recent interview for the program ‘De Primera Mano’, where he shared details of the legal process that continues against his father, and surprised by confessing his most painful memories.

“He grabbed me by the shoulders and began to headbutt me in the face, until he threw me to the ground and kicked me and I had not said it openly because he was stopping me so as not to hurt my family.”

Aracely Ordaz

Gomita explained that although Alfredo Ordaz Barajas initially denied that he had physically assaulted her, he eventually had to accept his guilt when they came face to face with the authorities.

If he hadn’t done anything to me, if he hadn’t touched me, if he hadn’t been detained, they wouldn’t have given him the restraining order. because later he appeared with me at the hearing and had to accept it. Now he is going to have to repair the damage”, he explained.

The charismatic television host, who is currently 27 years old, stressed that she has had to go to therapy and with different psychologists since she came of age, so now that she has the opportunity to face it, she decided to put a stop final with your complaint.

“Legally, all I ask is that you don’t come near me again. My mom also has a restraining order so she doesn’t get close to him. I forgive him, but one has a limit“.

Finally, he assured that he would not have liked to reach this situation, but everything was caused by his father and he will have to accept his responsibility.

I’m not wishing you bad, but everyone has what they deserve and that’s what they earned.“.

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