Gomita Reveals The Reason She Started A Plastic Surgery Addiction

The influencer and host gummy bear has been constantly criticized for all her plastic surgeries, from getting implants in the bust and buttocks to getting liposuction on more than one occasion. But there is a strong reason why the famous she became addicted to going under the scalpel.

Araceli Ordaz, the real name of the participant of “Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy,” was a guest on the Silvia Olmedo program; Although the complete recording has not been published, there are already some fragments on the Internet where relevant information about the life of the 27-year-old Mexican girl is revealed.

For this reason, Gomita became addicted to plastic surgery

Araceli had surgery every year in order to get the attention of her family/Photo: Show
Araceli had surgery every year to get the attention of her family/Photo: Show

During the talk, Gomita talked about her surgeries to modify her body and how people have severely criticized her for these changes, from calling her cruel nicknames to telling him “how bad he looks” after several operations.

However, the influencer confessed that the reason she became addicted to performing these aesthetic procedures was that only in this way could he get the attention of her mother, father, siblings, and all of her family. So she decided that every year surgery would be done.

Since when the procedure was carried out, it was the moment that she took advantage of to rest from work. “For a year, I had surgery, and that moment of each surgery, it was a little attention from my family from my parents because it was a lot of work, we had a lot of work,” she declared.

Every weekend was work, work, work, and it was always ‘when we are going to have time for ourselves’ so that little space that I had was my break, and I had everyone’s attention,” said Araceli, who currently has no contact with her father.

What surgeries has Gomita had?

This is what Gomita currently looks like/Photo: Instagram
This is what Gomita currently looks like/Photo: Instagram

The plastic surgeries that the driver has had are liposuction, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, chin lift, buttock augmentation, and a bichectomy. The last surgery that was performed was the gastric bypass which has helped Gomita lose weight faster and for which she currently sports a statuesque figure.