Gonzálo Nuñez and Erick Osores premiere sports program

Because good things repeat themselves. Four years had to pass for the long-awaited reunion between Gonzalo Nunez, Erick Osores and his longtime producer Alex Manrique. And it is that this trio of winners, promise to break it on social networks every Monday at 7:00 pm on their YouTube channel called Erick & Gonzalo.

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His followers will once again be able to enjoy the best sports duo that ‘Fútbol en América’ had on channel 4.

In the year 2000 he was born Soccer in America, but in 2002, this winning duo came together and for sixteen years they were the most controversial journalists on the small screen.

“We always tried to renew” commented producer Manrique. “First, the controversies between the two were the most anticipated in the program, then we put music to the best images that we had at the level of the pitch in the matches, then we made the fans speak and Las Previas came, an expected sequence in the program”, he added.

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Gonzalo Nunez and Erick Osores They broke it on television, marking a different style that led them to win the Luces Awards five times as the best sports program on Peruvian television. Now they’re back on Youtube willing to guarantee success in entertainment.


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