Google Chat will now protect users from suspicious links

Google’s new security feature will be available in the next 15 days

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Google reported that it will implement a new security mechanism in its services Google Chat that will alert users to messages that include links to sites that are considered suspiciousyes

The company indicated that from now on some banners will be displayed in the chats, if the system detects that a link has been shared that redirects to a site that contains phishing or malware. The idea is to prevent users from becoming victims of hackers or computer criminals who want to scam them or steal their information..

“In Google Chat, you will see banners warning of potential phishing and malware messages from users with personal Google accounts. These warning banners, which are already available in Gmail and Google Drive, help protect users against malicious actors, while maintaining data security,” the company explained in a post on its official blog.

In images published by the company it can be seen that the banner with the message appears at the bottom of the chat and includes a text that reads “this invitation is suspicious”.

They clarified that the new protection system It will be available both for users with personal Google accounts, as well as for those with business accounts.. Similarly, this tool will operate both on mobile devices and on the Google Chat web platform itself, so it will not matter where the user connects from, they will be protected at all times.

They detailed that the function it will be available worldwide in approximately 15 days, so its deployment will be relatively fast.

During last year Google has been tightening security measures within its ecosystem of services and applications with the activation of better attack detection systems potential for the safety of its users.

One of these changes occurred within its Drive ecosystem, where it was discovered that hackers could impersonate third parties and send emails with malicious links simply by tagging their victims to Google Drive documents.

In this way, it was the company itself that sent the email to the potential victim, thus guaranteeing that they would open it and be affected.

Months after the news was announced, Google developed a new system that alerts the person in a different way, preventing them from entering any type of external link that could compromise the security of their equipment and information.

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