Google introduced new widgets for the iPhone lock screen: what are they and how to get them

Google released a series of updates to some of its most used apps to enable them to support Always on Display on the iOS 16 lock screen. Now users can start using the apps’ widgets to receive notifications without unlocking their phones.

Google apps that enjoy this functionality include its Quick Search box, Gmail, and Google News, among others. These are added to Chrome and Google Drive, which had already received the update to be compatible with the lock screens.

One of the company’s apps has not yet received the corresponding update in Google Calendar, so Apple users can not yet use it under this new format. So far, the company has not offered explanations about the reason for this delay.

According to images released by Google, in the case of Gmail, users will be able to see a small rectangle that will include the current day and month, as well as information about the number of unopened emails in the inbox, divided into categories such as social, promotions and updates. This way, in a very small space, you will be able to find all the relevant information you may need.

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The Google News widget will offer shortened news headlines that may interest the user so that they only have to click to display the information if they want to access them. Some have pointed out that the font size in the headline could be difficult to read for people with vision problems, which in the future could lead to a change in the widget’s design.

From the lock screen, Apple users can also access Google Chrome and even open browsing windows in incognito mode, all without having to unlock the device.

For now, Google has not been informed when it plans to release the corresponding updates to make its entire family of apps compatible with this new feature of iOS 16. Among the updated apps are Lens and Translate, two tools to which Google has been paying special attention during the last time.