Google launched new tool that makes it easier to remove personal information from search results

Google intends to make the process of removing search results easier and faster for users

Photo: NOAH SEELAM/AFP/Getty Images

Google introduced a new tool called “results about you” designed to help all those users who want to delete their personal information from the web browser. Earlier this year the company had reported that it was working on such a system, however, they had not offered more details about it.

Google already had a system that allowed personal content to be removed from the results displayed by the search enginehowever, as they themselves recognized this mechanism wasn’t exactly the friendliest when using it because it could be complex for an average user.

This included having to access a support page and having to fill out a form, in which he would also have to include the link with the information he wanted to delete. For all this Google decided to change its system and now users can make requests directly from the search page itself.

Once a link has been identified, the person can click on the three-dot button next to it and select the delete result option., to then send a request for it to be removed. Added to this is that users can access a panel through their user image to a section called “results about you” in which they can track all the information deletion requests they have recently made.

From Google They clarify that this system is only in charge of eliminating the indexing of the pages with the user’s personal information, but not of eliminating the publication. itself, as this can only be done from the website that published the information. To this we must add that Google also updated its policies on the elimination of information that could potentially lead to the identification of a person.

All this is part of Google’s efforts to improve the privacy of its users.something to which recently the authorities have been paying special attention.

An example of this is the requests that Google has received to eliminate the information of its users related to their GPS data, which is stored on the company’s servers.

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