Google will launch the Pixel 5a on August 26 for a price of $ 449

Google will launch the Pixel 5a on August 26 for a price of $ 449

Google to launch the Pixel 5a on August 26 at a price of $ 449

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Google announced on Tuesday the Pixel 5a cell phone, a new phone that will be priced at $ 449 and will be released on August 26. The Pixel 5a performs better with respect to to the Pixel 4a 5G that it introduced last year, as it offers a larger battery and screen and promises to be waterproof.

The new phone is compatible with 5g networks but not the faster mm Wave 5G networks, as well as having the same Qualcomm processor as its mid-range phones.

Google offers features on Pixel phones that other Android phones don’t have, such as a voice recording app that converts sound to text, traffic accident detection and intelligent filtering of spam calls and text messages.

The company promises that new versions of Android will hit Pixel phones immediately and updates are guaranteed for three years.

It might seem like a bad time to launch the Pixel 5a models as the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro models are yet to come. However, Google plans to promote Pixel 5a phones to consumers who don’t want to spend a fortune for a well-performing smartphone.

In 2020, Google’s parent company Alphabet and Jim Platforms, a telecommunications company owned by Reliance Industries, signed an agreement to develop low-cost smartphones with the goal of giving hundreds of people access to a new range of products.

The competition

The Pixel 5a model is in direct competition with Apple’s iPhone SE, which is also priced at $ 499 and has the same amount of 128GB storage.

It also competes with Android models like the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G, however the Pixel offers faster software updates.

Due to continuous chip supply limitations Google will sell the Pixel 5a only in the United States and Japan through the Google Store.

The company announced last week that intends to cut the salary of employees who do not return to the offices by between 5 and 15%It will also require its more than 130,000 employees around the world to have a full dose of the COVID-19 vaccine when they return to their workplace.

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Google products

The launch of its new cell phone line will not generate significant income for the company compared to Google Cloud, YouTube or Search services. The company has been known for creating a fluid and faster software experience even using lower-powered processors.

In January, Google acquired Fitbit, a line of products aimed at the fitness market, and in May it announced the opening of its first retail store in New York where consumers can play and buy brand products.

At the beginning of the month Google announced cell phones Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, two new high-end phones to be launched in the fall and that they will use a new Google chip instead of one made by Qualcomm.

Popular brand products include gadgets such as smart home screens, speakers, security cameras and even a smart doorbell.

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