Gossip No Like exposes Suelta La Sopa: they say that the show does not liquidate its employees because there is no money

Gossip No Like has once again dropped a terrible bomb on the Suelta La Sopa program. Through their program on YouTube and on social networks they share the following information, in which they say that Liz López, head of the entertainment program in Mexico, argues that there is no money to liquidate the workers who have been delivered to the project for some time eight years, this was stated by the program hosted by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain on Instagram.

In the publication they continued telling: “And it is unfortunate that a woman who moves in a late-model car makes her employees this base, being in the Christmas season and in a pandemic“. They also added: “Liz López challenged her former colleagues to sue her, because she is not afraid of reprisals and it is her last word. He won’t give them the last fortnight! “

Javier Ceriani also repeated that they are not going to pay settlement to anyone, to any of the team that worked from Mexico for Suelta La Sopa for eight years. Remember that the program has been canceled and it will no longer be broadcast on the Telemundo network. What’s more, this December the show hosted by Jorge Bernal goes off the air.

Jorge Bernal on the end of Suelta La Sopa

After the dismissal of Carolina Sandoval from Suelta La Sopa, Jorge Bernal was questioned about the possible end of the program. Since many sentenced SLS stating that it would lose rating with the departure of “La Venenosa”, the most controversial character in his production.

Jorge Bernal, moderator of the group of panelists, spoke with Mezcalent about the possible end of the event and said to them: “Nothing, go ahead, what are you going to do? Cry in a corner and throw a tantrum and get on Instagram talking nonsense about people? No, nowadays the situation is that everyone has to have their income and they have to have, obviously, and what I call ‘hobbies’ or plan ‘B, C, D, E and F’ “.

Regarding the departure of Carolina Sandoval, he declared: “Any controversy can be taken advantage of, but in this particular situation, I do not think it will improve or worsen (Release the Soup’s rating). I think it is something neutral that will happen with the same time ”.

Here we share the YouTube video where Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain address the news of Suelta La Sopa, about the non-liquidation of their employees in Mexico.

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