Gossip No Like: “These cynics … Suelta La Sopa had the nerve to ask Carolina Sandoval to send them a video”

Carolina Sandoval.

Photo: Alberto E. Tamargo. / Grosby Group

It seems that the producer of Suelta La Sopa sent an email to Carolina Sandoval to send a video to celebrate the eighth and last anniversary of the program on Telemundo. And not only this. According to Javier Ceriani, host of Gossip No Like, the program also asked him to send another greeting but this Christmas, and that is that Suelta La Sopa will see its end on the television network in December of this 2021.

Elisa Beristain and the Argentine are really shocked by the information and it is not a secret that from said program they ran to “La Venenosa”, during the pandemic, and that the Venezuelan learned of her dismissal thanks to the fact that Gossip No Like She gave the information in her program, a fact that she later corroborated when she obtained the confirmation.

Carolina Sandoval’s public is really outraged by this, and she doesn’t even talk about her former colleagues. Nor has he cemented his success on social media by talking about SLS. On the contrary, “La Venenosa” refuses to mention the program. Their names no longer appear in her vocabulary, and she doesn’t like to be linked to it either.

The anniversary of SLS has already passed and as is evident, no greeting from Carolina Sandoval was exposed at the party. It is expected that no greeting from her will be seen at the farewell to the show led by Carlos Mesber in production and by Jorge Bernal in the chair of moderator.

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