Gothic Heart: 9 Fashion Trends We Learned From Morticia Addams

The notoriously sophisticated and charming Morticia Addams from the cult classic The Addams, has become a fashion icon over the years. From Zac Posen to Rick Owens, we’ve seen celebrities and designers wear the Morticia Addams style. We all remember Jolie’s appearance on the red carpet that was clearly inspired by Ms. Addams. As the Art Editor of TIME, Jessica Winter: “The consensus was that Jolie came dressed as Morticia Addams, but Morticia Addams showed more cleavage and did not make out with her brother.” Here are 10 fashion trends we can all borrow from Morticia Addams.

1. Dark and dramatic nails

Morticia Addams’s style is sexy, dramatic, and easy to emulate. Especially for fall, a dark manicure is perfectly glamorous.

2. Sidewalk in the middle


Morticia used a dramatic sidewalk in the middle. Not everyone can do it but give it a try, you never know. If it works, it could be your next look.

3. A seductive floor-length black dress

The girl showed those curves with black dresses and glued. You can do it too! Think, a little black dress with more sex appeal.