Governors of the PAN, give support to Laura Fernández

The PRD pre-candidate for the governorship of the State, Laura Fernández Piña He received the accolade of governors of the National Action Party (PAN)With whom talked about politics and national events; Besides that they offered their support for the electoral process on June 5.

the federal legislator he met with the PAN leadersand addressed with them the issue of the recovery of the economy in the country, after the passage of the Covid-19 pandemic and exposed before them the problems facing the nation.

Governors of the entire country of PAN extraction, offered the pre-candidate for the governorship of the State, Laura Fernández Piña, all their support during the 2022 electoral process that will take place on June 5.

The still pre-candidate for the governorship by the alliance made up of the parties of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), the PAN and Confianza por Quintana Roo, called “Va por Quintana Roo”He received a important show of support from the leaders of the PAN, face to the imminent political campaign that is about to begin.

Fernandez Pineapple talked with the PAN governors, Who expressed their support for his political projectcourse to the elections next June 5 where the government of the State and the Legislative Power will be renewed; In a meeting characterized by analysis of national issues.

In the meeting with the federal deputyparticipated the governor of Chihuahua, María Eugenia Campos Galvánand Governors Mauricio Vila Dosal, from Yucatan; Carlos Joaquín González, from Quintana Roo; José Rosas Aispuro, from Durango, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, from Guanajuato, and Francisco Cabeza de Vaca, from Tamaulipas.

On January 28, AmericanPost.News revealed that during the plenary meeting of the PRD held here in Quintana Roo, Luis Espinoza Cházaro coordinator PRD parliamentarian and the national party leadership they had granted his support for the candidate Laura Fernández what they expect excellent results.

During the meeting with the PAN governors that took place in a private meetingthese they guaranteed Laura Fernández what will have the support of the PAN for the June 5 election and, throughout his different activities of activism and political proselytism.

The photograph that in the end the PAN governors took with the still pre-candidate for the governorship, Laura Fernández Piña cobra importance to demonstrate that this alliance “Goes for Quintana Roo” will work together to try to beat the 4T -fourth transformation-, in Quintana Roo.

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