Grammy Awards: Aída Cuevas among all Mexicans nominated this 2022

Mexico. The 2022 Grammy Awards are tonight from Las Vegas, Nevada, and many international artists are listed as guests, They will also be awarded and surely among them Mexicans such as Aída Cuevas, Vicente Fernández and Christian Nodal.

Nodal, along with Natalia Lafourcade and the late Vicente Fernández, compete on this occasion for the musical award that is given annually and whose gala is awaited by many who enjoy this type of event.

At the 64th Grammy Awards for the best of music, there will be a Mexican presence of music greats, as is customary, and on this occasion we will see Aída Cuevas, Natalia Lafourcade and Grupo Zoe, among others.

In several news portals it is shared that in the category of regional Mexican album, among the national competitors Aida Cuevas takes part with her musical production Antología de la Música Ranchera vol. 2, which It is characterized by doing a duet (digital production) with Lucha Reyes with the song Ay Jalisco, do not rajes.

Aída has always praised the best of Mexican music and this time is no exception, so it is expected that she can receive her 2022 Grammy as a reward for her artistic work.

The late singer Vicente Fernández also competes with his album A mis 80′s; He is a candidate to win a posthumous Grammy with said album that contains songs such as Mexico Lindo y Querido, Cielo Rojo and El Aplauso.

Natalia Lafourcade is another Mexican who prevails on this occasion with her album Un canto por México vol. 2 and on the official portal of the Grammy Awards she writes that she feels excited about this nomination:

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“Maybe I wouldn’t have seen it a few years ago, but today I realize that music has such a brutal capacity for impact.”

Christian Nodal, for his part, appears with his third studio album Ayayay Super Deluxe, and in statements to the media he has expressed that he loves regional Mexican music and is proud to be an exponent of Mexican music throughout the world.

“It is incredible that the genre is now on the world charts and is heard in almost all of Latin America. I always feel proud to represent my Mexico with my music.”

In the category of Latin or Alternative Rock Album, the Mexican band Zoé takes part this time with their production Sonidos de Karmática Resonancia and in the category of Best Arrangement, Instrumental or Capellam, Rodrigo and Gabriela appear with their production The Struggle Within.

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Throughout the history of the Grammy Awards, these are some of the Mexicans who have achieved the gramophone and thereby reached the pinnacle of international recognition:

Joan Sebastian

Pepe Aguilar

Tacuba Coffee

The Northern Tigers

Lila Downs

Julieta Venegas

Vicente Fernandez

Aida Cuevas

Natalia Lafourcade