Grandfather Andrea Meza dies, miss Mexico who won Universe is in mourning

  • Grandfather of Mis Universo Andrea Meza dies
  • Miss Mexico is out of the country
  • Send a meaningful message through Instagram

The winner of Miss Universe, the Mexican Andrea Meza, is in mourning after the news that her beloved grandfather died, Miss Mexico published a moving message through her official Instagram story, according to information published on Infobae.

The winner of the contest regretted that she cannot attend the funeral services of her family member because she is out of the country fulfilling commitments of her triumph. However, he did not let the moment pass to report how sad he is about the irreparable loss.


Verbatim, he posted a story on his Instagram, with a black background and white letters that say: “My heart is broken when I find out that my grandfather has just passed away and I cannot be with my family at this sad time.”

Then the statuesque beauty added: “I have to work and be away from my loved ones, but my heart goes out to them.” This message was accompanied by two emojis, one of sadness and the other of a red heart, followed by the same message, but in the English language.


miss Universe
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Just last August, with the recent title of Miss Universe 2020, a family reunion in New York, full of projects, healthy and in love with her boyfriend, the tiktoker Ryan Antonio, Alma Andrea Meza arrived today at 27 years old.

“Turning years is a privilege, it symbolizes maturity, learning. Every birthday I have had has been one of radical changes, with different people. A birthday motivates me because I feel comfortable with myself, I set new goals for myself and I always do new projects. Miss Mexico spends her time in activities, to see the video, click here. Filed Under: Grandfather Andrea Meza Dies


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“I have never been obsessed with age or comments about the years, I think you have to live them well, be proud of the experience, of life,” he shared in an exclusive interview. Filed Under: Grandfather Andrea Meza Dies

The beauty queen celebrations were carried out with a certified vegan cake and to the rhythm of the mañanitas, which she also sang. He smiled, he was moved, he was excited and he was excited.


Grandfather Andrea Meza dies
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For his anniversary, the organization for which he works gave him the option of traveling that week to his native Chihuahua, to be with his loved ones; however, the model preferred that they go to visit her in the United States.

“It made me better if they came. My family is coming, my friends, it’s my only birthday as Miss Universe and it’s in New York! We will have these days and the weekend to have fun, it will be unforgettable! ”. Filed Under: Grandfather Andrea Meza Dies

Grandfather Andrea Meza dies: PARTY WITH ROASTED MEAT

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Smiling and talkative, the graduate of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua in Software Engineering recalls some past celebrations, in which her relatives and the mariachis were not lacking.

“As I am from a very large family, my mother and father, plus my friends, have always been (their festivities with) piñata, cake, a discada (popular dish in the north of the country), a roast meat, a taquiza And yes, the mariachis cannot be absent.

Grandfather Andrea Meza dies: REMEMBER HIS GRANDFATHER

Grandfather Andrea Meza dies
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“The birthday I remember the most is my 22nd birthday, I had a party at my grandparents’ farm and invited everyone from the faculty. There were many of us, (it was) impressive ”, shared Meza, who enjoys the summer, the heat and the holidays this season.

She recalled that a year ago she was still living in Jardines del Sol, Guadalajara, where she prepared for beauty pageants and learned the meaning of independence. “It was very rare because of the pandemic, and a friend took us to his rest home and we had a great time. There I verified that there are friends who are the extension of the family, otherwise, I would have spent it alone.

Grandfather Andrea Meza dies: SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE

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“It was in Guadalajara where I learned what it means to be independent. I spent a good time without work and I remember that for my first month of rent and expenses, it was not enough. I met great friends, my last three years were there and I had very beautiful birthdays, “said Meza, who considers that the best gifts are calls, positive messages and the company of his loved ones.

The aspiring singer, who shares a condo in the Big Apple with Miss USA, Anya Branch, mentioned that her worst birthday coincided with her college rookie party: she invited the boy she liked and told him that she would not go, in the end, he attended with another. After her activities for the day, the Mexican took time to taste, together with her Miss Universe work team, the cake that we brought her.

Grandfather Andrea Meza dies: GETS OUT IN A BIKINI

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Recently, the Mexican and winner of the Miss Universe contest, Andrea Meza, gets cheeky and appears in a tremendous outfit that leaves little to the imagination, according to a publication she made on her official Instagram account.

Days before the Mexican celebration for independence, the model was not shy about leaving scantily clad and like never before, she boasted her exceptional figure, which is why she left more than one with their mouths open and wanting to see more.


Grandfather Andrea Meza dies
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Gone are for some the controversy whether or not she deserved to be the winner of the most important beauty pageant in the world and they dedicated themselves to highlighting her image, since she is currently invited to all kinds of events.

In her photographs, the model boasted a vacation in Kona, Big Island, Hawaii, lying in a fabric hammock, with an orange bikini and dark glasses, so she immediately provoked the lowest passions. Filed Under: Grandfather Andrea Meza Dies


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In a textual way they told her: “I wanted to, but couldn’t”, “how beautiful you are Mexico how beautiful you are miss universe”, “so that they go and say”, “goddess”, “the body”, “divine”, “the Mexicana ”,“ queen of my heart and my life ”, were some of the compliments that the woman received.

But in addition, just last night she captivated her followers by celebrating national holidays in a foreign land, since she visited the Sunset Park area, Brooklyn, NY as a guest and there she also left a pleasant taste in her mouth, despite the fact that she did not wear a bikini. Filed Under: Grandfather Andrea Meza Dies