Grandpa carries his puppy to watch a caravan and goes viral on TikTok

The love of a man who carried his puppy to show him the caravan passing by his house has won the hearts of thousands of users of TikTok, what made this a viral video Christmas.

Dogs, man’s best friend species, always give us emotional moments and sometimes it is good to return small joys to them because, the truth is, they deserve everything, as the man we talk about below demonstrated.

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She carries her puppy to see a Christmas caravan

TikTok: @ninoshkawilliamscruz.

In the viral video, he shows us the exterior of a house and a man carrying a small white dog with brown ears in his arms.

From what we can hear in the background, Christmas music and the loudspeaker, the caravan is passing nearby and the man decided to take his friend out so that he would not miss the moment.

TikTok: @ninoshkawilliamscruz.

Tenderness takes hold of everyone’s heart when Grandpa kisses his puppy on the head as they watch the caravan go by together, the spirit of Christmas blooming in us.

The original video was uploaded to TikTok by the user @ninoshkawilliamscruz and at the time this article is written it already has more than 200 thousand views on the social network and hundreds of comments from users, who did not stop mentioning how cute which is to see people who treat animals like that.

“From videos like these I know that there are still excellent people” or “the world does not deserve your neighbor” are some of the comments from users.

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