Grandpa wins $ 1 million in the lottery and will spend his prize to fulfill his greatest dream for his 7 grandchildren

Anyone who decides to buying a lottery ticket makes you motivated by some dream or longing they have in mind, in particular thinking that this could be the escape valve to all their financial problems or, what they needed so much to be able to give themselves that dream life.

However, there are also people who play the lottery with the illusion of being able to help all those around them, in particular a family member or friend who has a need or desire and whose financial situation prevents them from reaching it.

That’s exactly what I wanted the most a grandfather from Lowell, Massachusetts, who constantly She played the lottery with her sights set on one day she would win a grand prize so she could give her 7 grandchildren what they most want in life. and simply because those children are his most valuable and precious treasure.

It turns out that Juan McFaline is a regular buyer of lottery scratch-off tickets, since for a long time, his grandchildren had told him that his biggest dream was to be able to visit Disneyland; However, for financial reasons, neither he nor his parents had been able to take them to the famous amusement park.

It was like that a few days ago bought a 5,000,000 100X Cashword note and although it seemed to be an ordinary day until this grandfather little by little was uncovering the boxes and suddenly, he discovered that luck had finally smiled on him by winning a $ 1 million dollar prize in this lottery game.

At first, Juan couldn’t believe the good news; However, little by little he assimilated the news and a couple of days ago he decided to collect his prize in a single payment in order to start planning the family trip.

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