Grannies asked for charity in the Guelaguetza, what happened next is surprising

Nail grandmothers asked for charity in the GuelaguetzaHowever, his walk was very slow so he could not move very quickly, of course, his advanced age prevented him.

However, something surprising happened when the pair of elderly women a man in a white shirt with a hat approached him.

This guy out of nowhere started helping them, yes, helping them because he started asking for charity among the event attendees.

Grannies asked for charity in the Guelaguetza

Since the grandmothers could not move easily, the man helped them. In Oaxaca you could see the warmth of the people helping a couple of old ladies.

What is most surprising is that although the old ladies continued to advance, With his slow walk, the man kept asking for money.

And it is that seeing the enthusiasm of the man, many were the ones who began to give him money so that he would later give it to the ladies.

Meanwhile, the grannies had to stop every now and then to get more help from other people, some of whom even gave them hugs.

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empathy moves people

In Oaxaca you could see the warmth of the people helping a couple of old ladies.

The events that have been recorded happened in Oaxaca, Oaxaca, on July 23, and it is that the ladies passed through the street where later the parade of the Guelaguetza delegations would take place.

Was when a man made a collection for the couple of ladies who were passing through that place. And as the Facebook user who posted the video said “behind a good deed there is a good man. Mexico ���� is great for its people and no one else!”

Undoubtedly some, although the grannies asked for charity in the Guelaguetza, they would never have imagined that something like this would happen. The user who published the video pointed out that the clip is by Miguel Ángel Cuevas and the music, Cielito Lindo by Marta Gómez (without copyright).

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