Granny performs Anitta’s challenge on TikTok and it goes viral

Coracy Arantesa popular 79-year-old Brazilian influencer, became a topic of conversation on social networks for having joined the ‘Wrap Challenge‘, the famous challenge created by Anitta and that has managed to bring out the sexiest side of thousands of netizens.

In the recording we can see the woman perform the dance that the Brazilian singer has made viral in recent weeks. However, the detail that caught her attention is that she had no problem performing the choreography or showing off her figure in a black swimsuit.

As expected, the original video shared on TikTok did not go unnoticed by netizens, since in just 24 hours it managed to exceed 1.7 million views and 136.1 thousand likes. In addition, in the comments section it is possible to read hundreds of messages where they congratulate her for showing that age is no impediment to having fun.

As a curiosity, Coracy Arantes lived in sadness due to the death of her daughter and it was thanks to his grandson that he discovered social networks. Now, she has a new perspective on life and her charisma helped her garner more than 3.1 million followers on TikTok.

‘Wrap’, a success thanks to TikTok

The sexy challenge on TikTok has cost the Brazilian star harsh criticism. With an artistic career of 12 years behind her, the Brazilian singer can boast that she has conquered the world of music worldwide.

The ‘wrap challenge‘ is a dance challenge that has become popular on the TikTok platform. It consists andn drop to the ground and perform a twerk to the rhythm of the musicthus achieving an incredible waste of sensuality in front of the camera lens, just as Anitta does every time she performs the song in her presentations.

Unfortunately, the fact that the Brazilian singer motivates women to show their most sensual side unleashed a wave of criticism from those who claim that This trend encourages “disrespect for women”. Of course, she did not remain silent and has defended all those who have participated in this viral challenge.

How did Anitta become famous?

With a 12-year artistic career behind her, the Brazilian singer can boast that she has conquered the world of music worldwide.

as you mentioned AmericanPost.News previously, Anitta debuted in the world of music in 2010 and three years later became famous thanks to the song ‘Meiga e Abusada’. However, in recent weeks it has become more popular thanks to this sexy challenge that has driven all TikTok users crazy.

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Photographs: Social Networks