Gregorio Pernía won ” Así se Baila ” and now returns to Telemundo to compete in ” Top Chef VIP “: watch out for his sancocho

Gregorio Pernía competes in Telemundo’s most famous kitchen, Top Chef VIP – Photo: courtesy / Telemundo.

Colombian actor Gregorio Pernía enjoys the “Top Chef VIP” contest because it ensures that the kitchen reveals a person’s personality. “Through the kitchen, you get to know human beings a lot. What you eat, what you present, and what you have in your head comes out, and one’s zip code comes out in the food. I find it interesting and beautiful,” says the Colombian actor in an interview with Mezcaliente.

Gregorio shares the keys to his personality in his way of cooking.

Good host:

“I am from a popular family where you must be a good host, so I love seeing people smile.”


“And mine is abundance. I don’t prepare an arepa; I prepare ten arepas and want everyone to eat.”


“I love pasta, I think that pasta also defines me in many things, a simple pasta, with butter, parsley, salt, and garlic.”


“Through the food in the dining room we talked with Luna, with Valentino, we told each other about the synthesis projects.”

Feed your relationship:

“I cook for my wife, she eats tasty with me: pasta, soups, and I’m the dessert, hahaha!”.

Always with a smile:

“I think the energy is important, the love put into it, the attitude, which is also key. I tell my wife that 70 percent of you should be a good smile and a good attitude. I believe many things are achieved with this, which is also important in the kitchen”.

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Without losing patience:

“I won a competition (from Top Chef) with a sancocho, and the sancocho reminds me of a time when we used to go to the river with my mom and my dad. We would go in a truck, a flat truck, and there we would put a mat, and we would go sleeping on the mat, and we would prepare the sancocho with the water from the river, and we would all get together to peel a potato, yucca, plantain, to organize a chicken on top of the stones”.

He continued: “There was a family union, so one brings out what its essence is. I believe that the human being who loses his essence loses everything”.