Griselda Blanco Sons Alive or Dead: The Tragic Fates of the ‘Cocaine Godmother’s’ Children

The tragic destinies of Blanco's sons, embroiled in her drug empire, highlight the perilous legacy of their mother's criminal life.

Griselda Blanco, the infamous drug kingpin known as the “Cocaine Godmother,” built a ruthless and vast narcotics empire in the 1970s and 1980s that made her a billionaire. But behind Blanco’s larger-than-life persona was a mother of four sons who met violent ends tied to their mother’s exploits.

Who were Griselda Blanco’s children?

Blanco had three sons — Dixon, Uber, and Osvaldo Trujillo — with her first husband, Carlos Trujillo, in the 1960s and early 1970s before she rose to criminal power.

Her fourth son, Michael Corleone Sepulveda, was born in 1983 to Blanco and her third husband, Dario Sepulveda, named for the central character in “The Godfather” crime film series.

The Tragic Fates of Blanco’s Eldest Sons

Blanco was at the peak of her drug empire when Dixon, Uber, and Osvaldo were teenagers and young adults in the late 1970s. All three followed their mother into drug trafficking after she fled to Colombia to evade U.S. drug charges.

Dixon Trujillo is said to have taken over operations on the West Coast before he was reportedly killed, though details are unclear.

Uber Trujillo also dealt drugs and did prison time in both the U.S. and Colombia, where he was gunned down during a deal.

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Osvaldo Trujillo met the same violent fate as Uber, shot to death in his 20s outside a Colombian nightclub.

“My three eldest sons were stupid enough to stay in the drug trafficking business after I went to prison,” Blanco told a cellmate, according to federal agent Robert Palombo, who investigated the Blancos for years.

Griselda Blanco’s Youngest Son Follows in Her Footsteps

After Blanco’s incarceration in 1985 and the deaths of his brothers, only her youngest son, Michael Corleone, remained. He was just a toddler when Blanco was convicted of murder and racketeering charges.

Michael was partly raised by his paternal grandmother and drifted into the drug trade as a teenager. He trafficked cocaine between Miami and Colombia using connections from his mother’s old cartel.

In 2012, Michael Corleone was busted by Miami police for attempting to buy 11 pounds of cocaine from an undercover cop. He spent six years under house arrest before completing parole in 2018.

“Michael Blanco is humble and thrilled each and every time someone reaches out to shine light on his mother,” said family lawyer Elysa Galloway.

Griselda Blanco’s Youngest Son Now Sober, a Father and Businessman

Now nearly 40, Michael credits his arrest and the later murder of his mother for inspiring him to cut ties with narcotics crime.

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“It was a call I had been dreading for years,” he recalled about learning of Blanco’s death. “I said, ‘I’m not going to let these kids live the life that I lived.’”

Michael is now a married father of three children living in Miami. He runs a clothing brand, Pure Blanco, and is working on a book about his mother’s life.

In a 2020 interview, he acknowledged Blanco’s misdeeds but said, “At the end of the day, she was my mother. I will forever honor and respect her. I love her.”

Michael has also criticized the new Netflix series “Griselda” about his mother’s criminal ascent for failing to consult the family or properly credit their input. He filed a lawsuit against the show’s makers.

The Black Widow’s Surviving Son Renounces His Family’s Bloody Legacy

The lives of Griselda Blanco’s four sons reflect the former drug queenpin’s notoriously vicious history. Three were murdered as a result of drug violence.

But Michael Corleone Sepulveda, the sole surviving son of Blanco’s brood, claims he has turned the page through sobriety and legitimate business.

By publicly denouncing the cartel culture that claimed 25 family members, Michael has reversed the legacy of the Black Widow drug boss — his mother, Griselda.