Gruesome Brooklyn Murder Case Uncovered After Tip-Off to NYPD

A chilling murder confession in New York City reveals gruesome details of a two-year-old case, involving dismembered human remains.

In a chilling murder case that spanned nearly two years, 45-year-old Nicholas McGee recently confessed to brutally killing a man in New York City back in March 2022. The confession provides critical new details on a case that began just two months ago when police found dismembered human remains in McGee’s Brooklyn apartment.

Background on Initial Discovery

The investigation started after the NYPD Crime Stoppers received an anonymous tip on January 22, 2023. Responding officers arrived at an apartment on Nostrand Avenue occupied by McGee’s wife, 45-year-old Heather Stines.

Once inside the apartment, officers noticed a refrigerator sealed conspicuously with duct tape. When they attempted to inspect it, Stines allegedly “became combative,” leading to her arrest and removal from the scene, NBC News reported.

Inside the taped refrigerator, officers made the horrifying discovery of trash bags containing dismembered human body parts, including a severed head, said NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny. The distinctive tattoos on the remains matched those of 39-year-old Kawsheen Gelzer as indicated by his past arrest records. Gelzer had been on the state sex offender registry since 2005, when he was convicted of molesting a 12-year-old boy.

Developments After McGee’s Confession

The gruesome case took a turn this week when investigators traveled to Chesapeake, Virginia, where McGee has been in custody on an identity fraud case. In his confession, McGee provided detectives with shocking new details about Gelzer’s murder.

According to McGee, the murder occurred on March 22, 2022 – much earlier than police had originally determined. McGee described feeling upset and disrespected by Gelzer, a drug dealer who regularly slept on the couple’s couch. In a fit of rage during a dispute, McGee allegedly stabbed Gelzer to death.

Over the next few days, McGee cut up Gelzer’s body into pieces while his wife was present in the apartment. As the remains began decomposing, the pair hid the body parts in trash bags and duct-taped the refrigerator closed to conceal the crime.

Disturbing Actions After the Murder

Showing a horrific lack of empathy, McGee admitted that after dismembering Gelzer’s corpse, he and his wife stole drugs from the dead man’s pockets and smoked them while sharing a bottle of vodka, the New York Post reported.

While McGee has portrayed his wife as an unwitting bystander, Stines was arrested on January 22nd and charged this week with concealing a corpse. McGee meanwhile awaits imminent murder charges for Gelzer’s brutal slaying.

The allegations remain accusations until proven true in a court of law, but the case has rattled law enforcement and the public alike with its gruesome nature. As the legal process unfolds, Gelzer’s family hopes to find some measure of justice and closure from a devastating loss.