Grupo Firme beat them: #ElINENoSeToca protest gathered 20 times fewer people than the Mexican artist at Zócalo

According to the CDMX Government, a maximum of 12,000 Mexicans attended to "defend the INE", while the musical lineup gathered 280,000 people in the capital's Zócalo

This Sunday, November 13, in addition to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) celebrating his 69th birthday, thousands of Mexicans gathered in the nation’s capital to demonstrate against the electoral reform promoted by the federal president; however, according to local authorities, Grupo Firme gathered 20 times more people in the Capital’s Zócalo.

According to Martí Batres, head of Mexico City’s Ministry of the Interior, who was present at the demonstration from the capital’s Monitoring Center, stated that a maximum of 12 thousand people attended the march. In comparison, the regional Mexican lineup arrived with around 280 thousand people to witness the event on September 25.

“From the Monitoring Center we followed up today’s mobilization against the electoral reform. Between 10,000 and 12,000 people attended. White balance is reported”

Along with his publication on social networks, the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) standard bearer attached an image in which he is seen in the government building following the march that started at the Angel of Independence in Paseos de la Reforma and ended at the Monument to the Revolution, in the Tabacalera neighborhood.

The main slogan among politicians, communicators, and citizens who oppose AMLO’s government was to stop the alleged co-optation exercised by the head of the federal executive against autonomous and decentralized agencies, in this case, the National Electoral Institute (INE), in the run-up to the vote on an electoral reform that would eliminate excessive salaries for councilors, private secretaries and advisors of this body.

In such a way, through different digital platforms, the PRI, PAN, PRD, and MC leaders promoted their different perspectives on the functions the INE has performed so far regarding Mexican democracy. In addition to sustaining, through different types of speeches, the march was attended by more people than those reported by the government of Claudia Sheinbaum, head of government of the CDMX.

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