Grupo Firme breaks Vicente Fernández’s record with its concert in the Zócalo

Claudia Sheinbaum, current Mayor of Mexico City, announced that more than 280 thousand people attended the great concert that Grupo Firme offered for free this Sunday, September 25, in Mexico City’s Zócalo.

For more than three hours, Eduin Caz and his band delighted the audience with a wide musical repertoire. The concert was also broadcast on the Capitán 21 and Canal 14 channels and on social networks, including YouTube, where it registered more than 100 thousand connected users.

The Head of Government of Mexico City confirmed record attendance at the group’s concert via social networks.

However, the detail that caught the attention is that the concert broke an attendance record for a free concert in the Zócalo of the CDMX that belonged to Vicente Fernández since 2009, the year in which he gathered more than 219 thousand attendees in an iconic show he offered accompanied by mariachis.

It should be noted that the number could have been higher if Claudia Sheinbaum had not used her social networks to ask citizens not to attend the venue where the event would take place because it had already reached its full capacity, which caused chaos and security fences to be broken.

Grupo Firme concert unleashes classism in social networks

The free concert in the Zócalo sparked strong classist criticism on social networks, mainly on Twitter.

Unfortunately, the great concert of the group led by Eduin Caz was overshadowed by the criticisms it received from some cybernauts, labeled as classists because they attacked the attendees for their skin color, economic class, and academic level.

“It only takes one concert of Grupo Firme in the Zócalo to bring out the classism of Mexicans,” “We all have different musical tastes, and they should be respected,” and “It is one thing not to like the group. It is quite another to hate their followers for their class and color” are some comments that emphasize the classism that was experienced yesterday in social networks.

Who launched Grupo Firme to fame?

Today, Eduin Caz’s group enjoys tremendous success on a musical level.

Grupo Firme is a regional Mexican music group founded by Jairo Corrales and Eduin Cazares in 2014, but it was not until 2020 that they rose to fame thanks to their songs, which have allowed them to conquer the top of the charts in Mexico and the United States, in addition to winning multiple awards, including a Latin Grammy Award.