Ocesa announced the new Foro Sol Grupo Firme concert on March 11, 2023: pricing, tickets pre-sale date

Grupo Firme is one of today's most successful bands and they have just announced a new concert at Foro Sol 2023.

After the success of Grupo Firme’s performances at the Foro Sol, Ocesa has just announced that they will be opening one more concert so that their fans can enjoy their show live. Here are the details.

It was announced through social networks that the group led by Eduin Caz would return to the Foro Sol in addition to the concert announced a few weeks ago.

Date and prices

The band’s new show will be on March 11, in addition to the concert a day earlier, on March 10.

As for the prices, we will share those of the last date with you, as they may be offered the same.

The pre-sale of tickets will be held on January 31, starting at 2:00 pm CDMX time.

ZonePrice (Mexican Pesos)
Naranja C (Orange C)480
Verde C (Green C)680
Naranja B (Orange B)880
Verde B (Green B)1280
Naranja A (Orange A)1580
Verde A (Green A)2480
Cancha B GA (Court B GA)980
Cancha A GA (Court A GA)2080
Grupo Firme’s Foro Sol concert pricing table ranges from 480 and 2480 MXN

The success of Grupo Firme

It is worth mentioning that since last year, the group has had a series of presentations at the Foro Sol, breaking records by being the Mexican band with the most shows at this venue, which is one of the most important and popular in the country.

It is worth mentioning that the public’s reactions have generated controversy because the band has sold out several dates since some are not followers of the band’s music, while fans have expressed their excitement to attend one of the shows.

What caused Grupo Firme to postpone the concert at Foro Sol?

It was no secret that the singer originally from Culiacán, Sinaloa, has health problems because the artist has reported it on several occasions.

The February 10 concert was rescheduled because Eduin Caz underwent surgery for the chronic sinusitis he had had to deal with for some time, and his recovery was not as expected.

I’m taking a little longer in my recovery because I did something complicated here (on my nose). My chronic sinusitis was already very damaged, so my recovery is taking a little longer,” explained the singer of “Cada Quien.”