Grupo Firme frontman Eduin Caz turns heads with 20-kilo weight loss in 2 months

Eduin Caz shocks fans and captivates Instagram with his commitment to fitness and health, despite criticism and cheeky comments.

The 28-year-old singer, Eduin Caz, showed his Instagram followers a video revealing that he lost 20 kilos in just 2 months. In the clip, in his underwear, he is seen in front of a mirror, posing from different angles to highlight his new figure.

20 kilos less in two months,” wrote Eduin Caz in a video that, in just one hour, already has more than 107 thousand hearts.

Eduin Caz
Eduin Caz (Instagram/@eduincaz)

Eduin Caz raises controversy by posing in his underwear in front of a mirror.

The vocalist of Grupo Firme, Eduin Caz, proudly showed the 20 kilos he has lost in just 2 months, posing half-naked in front of the mirror.

Although he wanted to show off his new figure, his followers were not as interested in his weight loss as his crotch.

Thus, they complimented him and made hot insinuations, while others took the matter with humor and threw Eduin Caz’s jokes in a flirtatious tone.

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Eduin Caz, singer of Grupo Firme (@eduincaz).

Eduin Caz was criticized after posting a video of him in his underwear

Eduin Caz showed off his physical transformation on Instagram, posting a video in his underwear and leaving little to the imagination.

On the matter, his fans commented:

“Qué huevotes compadre, qué huevotes le le echó a la dieta y allí los resultados”.

“Cálmado, mi compa, mi vieja te sigue”.

“Let’s see, without underpants,” “Chiquitín” “Are you a little ****?”, “Did they give you a work visa for that too?

… “He has the scars of a gastric sleeve or bypass.”

“Isn’t what this man is wearing exclusively for the army?”

“It’s like he had the sleeve done; it has little dots.

“It’s very small, chale.”

In any case, Eduin Caz has demonstrated his commitment to healthy living and taking care of his body, despite his criticism regarding his taste for drinking.