Grupo Firme vs Pepe Garza story: how Eduin Caz and Abraham Luna silenced critics

Pepe Garza did not see it coming; he thought Grupo Firme would not make it and they shut his mouth with their success.

Pepe Garza was tone-deaf, and four years ago, he assured that Grupo Firme would be just another group in the pack, but today ask Eduin Caz how they are doing.

After Grupo Firme got on ‘Al Volante’ with El Escorpión Dorado, 41-year-old Alex Montiel recalled that Pepe Garza did not see a future for them.

Let’s remember that Pepe Garza is an important producer, director, and talent scout, some in regional Mexican music and corridos.

However, Montiel recalled that Pepe Garza – 57 years old – had no ear to detect – four years ago – that Grupo Firme would be a success.

Pepe Garza did not give a damn about Grupo Firme a few years ago.

A few days ago, Grupo Firme collaborated with El Escorpión Dorado. Alex Montiel told the anecdote in ‘La Lata’ about how he met the band and what happened during the recording.

However, at one point in the conversation, Montiel recalled that Pepe Garza, a well-known businessman in the regional music world, did not give one for Grupo Firme when he heard them.

Pepe Garza, esposo de Elisa Beristain
Pepe Garza, husband of Elisa Beristain (@pepepegarza / Instagram).

This fact happened four years ago, when during a video for ‘Ojetivamente’, Pepe Garza assured that Grupo Firme would be one more band in the bunch.

“I think it’s just one more of many of the groups out there, it didn’t attract me too much. The music and lyrics are very basic”.

Pepe Garza, producer.

The song the businessman heard from Grupo Firme was “Ahí Les Va,” recorded in Colombia.

At the time, only six members were seen in the band. Within them, they were only on vocals:

On the other hand, Rica Rubio -whose age is unknown- said, “Maybe one day they will shut their mouths, but right now we will shut them up.”

A year later, Grupo Firme visited Pepe Garza, and was already a success.

Who would have thought; one year after Pepe Garza‘s criticism of Grupo Firme, they came to his office already feeling like a total success?

However, Pepe Garza himself showed disinterest, stating that “I have not listened to them in depth,” although he said he was surprised by the views they had.

It is worth noting that at no point in the conversation did Pepe Garza acknowledge having wrongly criticized them a year ago.

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