Grupo Firme will have its star on the Las Vegas promenade

Eduín Caz and Grupo Firme will take a big step in their career, as it is rumored that this day they will unveil their star on the Las Vegas promenade, representing an entire nation.

It is assumed that the Caz brothers would have started the negotiations for their star months ago. However, it was until this day that the delivery would take place, although everything will be in private.

The group, which could also have its own reality show, would be appearing for the national holidays in Las Vegas, carrying all the traditions of Mexico with its music and interpretations.

The group will unveil its star in Las Vegas

The group will unveil its star in Las Vegas

According to information disclosed by social networks, this September 13, the group led by Eduin Caz would be in the city of Las Vegas to receive their star on the walk of fame.

Although this information was not confirmed, the vocalist and his wife would have reacted to the rumors by liking the news mentioned above.

The band is also expected to perform a special concert for their fans in the United States, pampering them with their best songs.

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Grupo Firme members

Firm Group Members

For a couple of years, this group has stood out in the Mexican regional genre for its passion when stepping on the stages of the entertainment world, but above all, for the talent of its members.

It’s composed by Eduin Caz (vocalist), Abraham Hernández (second voice), Jhonny Caz (vocalist), Joaquín Ruiz (bass), Christian Téllez (electric bass), Fito Rubio (drums) and Dylan Camacho (accordion).

‘Grupo Firme’ is currently the leading group in Mexico, and to show it, it is enough to review their statistics on record sales and, of course, on the digital platforms where their fans have supported them.