Grupo Firme’s Eduin Caz twists his ankle at a concert following alcohol problems and divorce

Plagued by personal turmoil and declining popularity, Eduin Caz suffers an on-stage mishap, reflecting the mounting challenges in his life.

Eduin Caz is reportedly living his worst moment! The vocalist of Grupo Firme at a recent concert suffered a serious accident when he was starting the show, being the straw that broke the camel’s back for his fans, who have pointed out that he is going through a bad patch after his problems with alcohol, the divorce of Daisy Anahy and the alleged lack of ticket sales that the regional Mexican band has begun to experience.

Although the singer assured that he was in good spirits and ready to give his best at the concert for his most loyal fans, videos on social networks and even shared by himself showed the moment in which a platform took him to the stage and after jumping and screaming, he ended up falling badly and twisting one of his ankles. Something that did not allow him to continue with that attitude and give the performance he had expected and anticipated.

“I couldn’t even open the beer, fuck it. Tonight I was pleased until I was so pissed off, I hurt my knee,” said Eduin Caz while he could be seen limping while walking, and a second later, he managed to uncork his alcoholic beverage and assured that it merited a “world party.”

“I’m very salty”: Eduin Caz.

Before the most recent physical incident, the singer of hits such as Se Fue La Pantera, Un Amor Como Este, and El Tóxico had already assured that luck was not on his side, as more than one complication had arisen in his personal and work life, something that has made him think about what he is doing wrong so that “nothing goes right.”

However, for his fans, the answers are reduced to alcohol and his ex-wife Daisy Anahy. “La neta is already giving the last ones because he doesn’t understand that alcohol in excess just ruins lives, just like any other excess.” “It’s not about demonizing alcoholic beverages, but excesses are always the decline of any person who doesn’t distinguish between fame or normality.” “Leaving his wife when he was expecting a baby was not a sign that something good is coming into his life, he knows it himself, and we all know it,” netizens reacted.

Daisy Anahy

Eduin Caz and Daisy Anahy are in the public eye after the vocalist of Grupo Firme called the influencer “ex-wife” after receiving an award at the recent edition of Premios Lo Nuestro 2023. This has generated great indignation in social networks because although neither of the two has spoken on the subject, seven years of marriage and 13 years since they have been together.

La pareja llegó al altar en 2013 y ha procreado dos hijos; uno más viene en camino (Foto: Instagram@eduincaz)
The couple reached the altar in 2013 and have procreated two children; one more is on the way (Photo: [email protected]).

After the singer’s words, he and the mother of his children have been in constant finger-pointing and expectation since both statements have not been explicit about why their commented relationship ended. In addition, a couple of months ago, speculations began about whether Jhonny Caz’s younger brother had been unfaithful to the celebrity currently expecting her third child.

Currently, it is known that the couple has already made their official decision, and what seemed to be one of the most solid marriages in the Mexican entertainment world ended up being corrupted, according to fans, by the possible excessive consumption of alcohol and extramarital affairs that have not been confirmed but are a latent continues to be speculated in the media and social networks.