Guanajuato’s 7 Luminarias lights up with possible UFO sighting on TikTok

"Rubén Ayala's viral TikTok clip ignites debate over luminous objects hovering over Guanajuato's famed dimensional portal, the 7 Luminarias.

On TikTok, a video reportedly shows a UFO at the 7 Luminarias in Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato. According to locals, UFO sightings at the 7 Luminarias are quite frequent.

And it is believed that, as in Ocotlán, Jalisco, the 7 Luminarias are a dimensional portal that attracts all kinds of phenomena.

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UFO in the 7 Luminarias of Valle de Santiago (screenshot / Rubén Ayala TikTok @ranacosmica)

Alleged UFO captured in the 7 Luminarias of Valle de Santiago

Through his TikTok account, user Rubén Ayala -@ranacosmica- shared a video of an alleged UFO.

According to the user, the video was taken at the 7 Luminarias del Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato, and are the “best records of ufological activity.”

For in his video, it is clearly seen how a series of lights – 3 in total – cross the valley and then disappear.

In addition to these sightings, around 06:00 am, more lights appeared at the bottom of the crater.

According to some users, the sighting was not of a UFO but of witches, which appear as ‘fireballs’.

Likewise, the creator of TikTok said that a woman who lives nearby told him that “there was everything there… witches, UFOs, and other things”.

However, in this case, they pointed out that it was a UFO because “the objects had to have been the size of a car to be spotted from the height” at which the TikTok was recorded.

UFO in the 7 Luminarias of Valle de Santiago?

Despite the many details given by the creator of TikTok about his UFO sighting at the 7 Luminarias in Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato, several users remained skeptical.

They pointed out that the lights that could be seen could be birds, which looked luminous due to the sun’s reflection; however, the creator assured that they did see birds, which did not compare in size.

So in his opinion, it was a UFO phenomenon, but he was willing to discuss the evidence.