Guatemala criticized the US on drug trafficking and immigration before the UN

Guatemala criticized the US on drug trafficking and immigration before the UN

Alejandro Giammattei, president of Guatemala, criticized the US on drug trafficking and immigration during his speech to the United Nations General Assembly.

Likewise, the president asked the Joe Biden government to make more efforts to “repatriate” the capitals of drug trafficking, for which he said that the money is owned by distributors in “consumer countries.”

During his speech, Giammattei asked the North American country to be more “effective” when it comes to fighting money laundering that comes from drug trafficking.

In this sense, the president mentioned several figures describing some drug seizures during this year in Guatemala.

“However, it should be noted that these successes do not seem to be recognized and valued by consumer countries, who bear the greatest responsibility in this unhealthy chain of drug trafficking,” said the president from the podium at the UN.

Likewise, the Guatemalan president highlighted that they have been counted 114 days without landing of flights with drugs in the country and since its administration began, in January of last year, 15 drug trafficking structures have been dismantled and 2,855 linked people have detained to crime.

“An evil that we have to suffer,” was the declaration of the president due to the demand that exists in the United States.

Migration crisis and links to drug trafficking

Giammattei also addressed the issue of immigration, and expressed concern about those messages that could contradict or be inappropriate that are a target for drug and human trafficking networks, thus promoting irregular immigration.

Meanwhile, the president asked the US to increase foreign investment in territories such as Guatemala to avoid irregular immigration.

He also demanded that access to products from his country in the United States be improved.

The Guatemalan administration and President Joe Biden have worked together for months to reduce immigration that begins from Central America to the US Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Guatemala in June to meet with Giammattei.

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