Guatemalans Reject Russian Vaccines; a million wasted

On Guatemalalittle bit more than one million Sputnik V vaccines against COVID-19 who came from Russia have expired. According to health authorities, the Guatemalan population refuses to be immunized with this biological.

In addition, the authorities reported on Monday, February 28, that three million more injections against the disease are close to expiring. As we have told you in AmericanPost.NewsGuatemala has the lowest level of vaccination against COVID-19 in Central America.

Since it’s barelyl 39 percent of its population has at least one dose, even below the world average, which is 63%, according to the Our World in Data site. “We see a pattern in the rejection of the vaccine,” Health Minister Francisco Coma said at a press conference.

Why do the citizens of Guatemala not want to be vaccinated?

More than a million vaccines will have to be thrown away/Photo: Guideline Most Guatemalans are not fully vaccinated/Photo: Fecaica

According to the Minister of Health, the main reasons why most citizens do not want to be vaccinated is due tos myths that the vaccine kills or renders people infertile. The official warned that three million more vaccines expire in March, so he called on Guatemalans not to be afraid and get immunized.

However, it did not reveal whether the vaccines that are about to expire are also from the Russian brand, Sputnik V. According to data from the Ministry of Health, as of February 27, 5.6 million people have been vaccinated with the full schedule and only 1.8 million already have the booster dose, out of some 18 million Guatemalans registered in the last population census.

Millionaire losses due to the rejection of vaccines

Most Guatemalans are not fully vaccinated/Photo: Fecaica

Losses due to expired vaccines add up to 10.4 million dollars, said Ariel Hernández, administrative deputy minister of Health, during the press conference. Since the pandemic began in 2020, in Guatemala there have been 16, 971 deaths from COVID-19. Despite this alarming figure, a large part of the population prefers not to be immunized.

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