Guillermo Ochoa and his wife received death threats after mistakes by Memo in Canada-Mexico

Mexican soccer star Guillermo Ochoa and his wife threatened after Ochoa's performance in Canada-Mexico game.

Ochoa was singled out as the main culprit in the fall of El Tri in Canada – Photo: Rafael Vadillo / Imago7.

Guillermo Ochoa became the target of criticism after Mexico’s painful defeat to Canada. The memo made mistakes with the Canadian goals, and the reproaches did not take long to appear, more forcefully than ever. However, once again, the fanaticism went beyond the limit: Karla Mora, Ochoa’s wife, was threatened with rape and death, just like Memo, after the game.

Tell your as***le not to play for the national team anymore. If not, I will kill and rape you and your family, “ says Mora’s message through Instagram.

His response was educational, to applaud: “Hate does not lead to anything good. It is a sport. Sometimes you win, and other times, you lose. We are all human beings, and we can make mistakes, and it is precisely from those mistakes that character comes from, your best version and a million good moments,“ he replied.

Mora asked for calm and assured that there were still many good things to offer to Mexico. OK, Ochoa was the villain of El Tri in Edmonton, but one can never justify a comment like the one shown by her partner.

Unfortunately, for the second consecutive date, a case of cyberbullying of a player of the Mexican national team is publicly known. The first victim was Luis “Chaka” Rodríguez, who received similar threats, and so did his wife. This is not the way.