Guillermo Pous breaks the silence

  • Juan Gabriel’s son’s lawyer finally breaks the silence
  • It is 5 years since the death of Divo de Juárez
  • Guillermo Pous responds to those who assure that the singer is alive

Lawyer Juan Gabriel alive. This August 28 marks the fifth anniversary of the sensitive death of the beloved Mexican singer Juan Gabriel and during this time, the rumors that the Divo de Juárez is still alive continue to grow. One of the things that most spreads these ideas among users is his former manager Joaquín Muñoz.

On this occasion, in an interview on the YouTube page of Multimedia 7, the lawyer for Juan Gabriel’s son, Guillermo Pous, breaks the silence about the situation of the deceased singer with the problem of housing. And also take the opportunity to respond to all these people who assure that the artist is alive.

Lawyer for Juan Gabriel’s son breaks the silence

Lawyer Juan Gabriel alive
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It should be remembered that the singer died at the age of 66 on August 28, 2016 due to an acute myocardial infarction in Santa Monica, California, United States, while developing his tour “Mexico is everything”, but several rumors have arisen that he is supposedly still alive.

One of the main causes of these rumors is Joaquín Muñoz, the ex-manager of Juan Gabriel, better known as the ‘Divo de Juárez’, who has been in charge of ensuring all this time that the Mexican singer is alive and has even published some images on his Facebook account as alleged proof of this.

Lawyer Juan Gabriel alive: “Juan Gabriel is still alive”

Lawyer Juan Gabriel alive: "Juan Gabriel is still alive"
PHOTO: YouTube

During the interview, the followers of the Divo de Juárez were astonished by the statements of the lawyer Guillermo Pous, where the reporter questions him about these rumors that have arisen from different celebrities, who affirm that the death of the singer was very fast and strange.

He was even asked why some of Juan Gabriel’s collaborators have not come out to talk about this situation, to which Pous replied: “Because any decent people who have respected Don Alberto, would not have to go out and talk about it.” Then he interrupted the reporter to mention: “Juan Gabriel is alive, unfortunately the one who died was Don Alberto (Aguilera Valadez, his real name), but Juan Gabriel is still alive and that they continue to enjoy him.”

Lawyer Juan Gabriel alive: surprises are coming

Lawyer Juan Gabriel alive: surprises are coming
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He was also questioned about the surprises that will come five years after the death of Divo de Juárez. Without hesitation, the lawyer Guillermo Pous affirmed that the music is the surprise they have prepared: “Don Alberto’s music, as soon as the following productions are released, will be an ecstasy,” he said.

“For the type of production, for the songs, for the people who intervene, for the vitality, for the power, for the quality, for the category of these products,” he added, talking about why they will be a great success in the fans of the late singer. “There are several productions that Don Alberto had prepared,” he concluded. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

Lawyer Juan Gabriel alive: They ask to suspend issue with Diego Verdaguer

Lawyer Juan Gabriel alive: They ask to suspend issue with Diego Verdaguer
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But just one day before the fifth anniversary of the death of Juan Gabriel, there was a problem in one of his productions and that is that through the company Jampol Artist Management, Juan Gabriel’s son, Iván Aguilera, asked the singer Diego Verdaguer to suspend the premiere of the unpublished song “The sun already came out,” which the Argentine composed together with the Divo de Juárez, according to the Efe news agency.

“Today a beautiful song was announced. However, it is not going to be released and the reason is very simple, the people who represent the legacy of Juan Gabriel asked me to postpone the launch because we have to resolve a couple of details and we will announce a new date, “said Diego Verdaguer in a video posted on their social networks.

They wanted to publicize the issue one day before the fifth death anniversary

Lawyer Juan Gabriel alive: "Diego Verdaguer wanted to publicize the issue a day before the fifth death anniversary"
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According to a statement from the Argentine singer’s representation, the founder of the talent management company, Jeff Jampol, was the one who asked Diego Verdaguer to postpone the premiere of the song, also composed by his wife, Amanda Miguel, and produced by Gustavo. Farías, “until reviewing in detail all the details of that work.”

The same letter announces that next week Jampol and Verdaguer will hold talks to reach an agreement and fix the details of the project, which was planned to see the light of day on Friday, August 27. “Diego Verdaguer wanted to publicize the subject on this date, precisely one day before the fifth anniversary of his long-time friend, in order to remember him and offer him a loving tribute,” said the singer’s representation in the statement. .

Lawyer Juan Gabriel alive: Mariana Seoane says that her spirit appears to her

Mariana Seoane says that the singer's spirit appears
PHOTO: Instagram

After the death of the renowned singer Juan Gabriel, many artists have mentioned that the Divo de Juárez is still alive, as they claim to have seen him in different videos that have been circulating on social networks. But there are also those who do accept his death.

It was through an interview to the media where the singer Mariana Seoane affirmed that the spirit of the Divo de Juárez appears when she listens to his music. Previously, she had denied that her friend was still alive, after the statements of her former manager Joaquín Muñoz.

Lawyer Juan Gabriel alive: “I prefer to remember him all the time”

"I prefer to remember it all the time"
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The artist’s words astonished many, as she mentions that perhaps it is because she misses him: “It happens to me like this feeling that I always miss him, all the time, and it will be a date when he left, but I prefer to remember everything the time, at all times, that I do so, the incidents that are like this, ”said Mariana Seoane.

According to his own description, while listening to the music of the Divo de Juárez, he can come to perceive some almost spiritual manifestations such as the appearance of hummingbirds, among other things. These paranormal events have impacted the world of social media. Filed Under: Lawyer Juan Gabriel Alive.

“It always manifests itself”

 "It always manifests itself"
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These words were said in his meeting with the press at an airport in Mexico City. In addition, Mariana Seoane mentioned that although many people may believe that it is silly, for her it is a sign that a loved one is manifesting in their presence.

“It always manifests itself … in many ways, I don’t know how to explain it to you, for example, I can put themes of him and suddenly those things that maybe you say ‘what stupidity!’, There are people who think that, but no way, I do not care, suddenly a hummingbird or suddenly something that I know, it’s like… they are things that you know and apart, you with loved ones who have left you, there are always manifestations of loved ones, “he added. Filed Under: Lawyer Juan Gabriel Alive.

User taunts

 User taunts
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Immediately Internet users manifested themselves in the comments of a Picosa Girl publication, where they mentioned their different opinions on the matter. No doubt the teasing was present, where the singer was the victim of ridicule from users who think she is hallucinating about what she said.

“Yes, because nobody remembers her, she wants to cause controversy”, “surely JuanGa will say … ‘oh, I need to pass on to someone all the songs that I couldn’t write, let me appear to Mariana’, how is she the most talented”, “This is the saddest thing I’m going to read today”, “how do they get mamad … how do you think this lady could appear to him? That the only good thing she has done in life is disappear”, were some comments . Filed Under: Lawyer Juan Gabriel Alive.

A renowned singer

A renowned singer
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Juan Gabriel’s contributions to popular music in Spanish in different genres such as ballads, ranchera, bolero, pop, norteña music, flamenco rumba, huapango, Chicano music, salsa, son de mariachi, Sinaloan band, disco, big band and even lullabies that he wrote to each of his children.

It was the main bastion of contemporary Mexican regional music in the last third of the 20th century until the time of his death. He has sold more than 100 million records as a soloist, music producer and with the Spanish Rocío Dúrcal. His compositions have been translated into languages ​​as diverse as Turkish, German, French, Italian, Tagalog, Japanese, Greek, Papiamento, Portuguese, and English. Filed Under: Lawyer Juan Gabriel Alive.

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