Gulf Cartel’s Scorpion Group reportedly captured “La Pawa’s” guards for interrogation

Gulf Cartel's armed wing, Grupo Escorpión, delves into an unexpected investigation. Discover how this intense power struggle unfolds in Tamaulipas amid escalating violence.

In a video shared on social networks, alleged hitmen from Grupo Escorpión, an armed wing of the Gulf Cartel, interrogated alleged guards of a man they identified as La Pawa.

Through recordings circulated on social networks, the account @R_CodigoRojo shared the facts in which several subjects could be seen on their knees surrounded by men dressed in military-style clothing. It is worth noting that those questioned were wearing bandages on their heads.

The images were shared on Wednesday, May 10, and in them, it could be seen, in the background of where the men were kneeling, that at least one of them was wearing a vest with the initials of the Gulf Cartel. More than a dozen men appeared to carry long weapons with their faces covered.

There were two videos, and in one of them, some of the men said they were guards of La Pawa, the latter identified as the alleged regional boss of Los Zetas Vieja Escuela and who was captured last Tuesday, May 9 in Tamaulipas.

One of those captured said that even though they were enemies, the alleged members of the Gulf Cartel “rescued” them and even gave them medical attention. “This war is useless and in vain” were part of his statements.

Meanwhile, near the end of the video, in a wide shot, one of the alleged hitmen said to the camera: “We are the difference, pure Gulf Cartel.” To which his companions responded, “Grupo Escorpión.

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Al parecer algunos de los capturados trabajaban para "La Pawa"
(Foto: Twitter/@azucenau)
Apparently some of those captured worked for “La Pawa” (Photo: Twitter/@azucenau).

It is worth noting that the videos circulated on social networks in a context where the capture of La Pawa was reported. Apparently, his name is Felipe de Jesus. The National Registry of Arrests of the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection(SSPC) consulted by Infobae Mexico, indicated that he was captured in San Fernando, Tamaulipas. It is unknown if these events, the interrogation of the alleged guards and the arrest of Felipe de Jesus, are related.

In another video circulated on Twitter, the alleged criminal was interrogated, with initial reports indicating that a military element was interrogating him. According to media outlet Elefante Blanco, La Pawa is allegedly behind the violence that Tamaulipas has suffered since the end of April.

Initially, reports indicated that during his capture, other alleged members of a criminal group were also arrested, among them the subjects identified as Carlos Roel Collazo Rodríguez, alias Chuy 7, and Pablo Misael Ramos Lara, alias Pantera 24. However, the authorities have not confirmed these captures, and they do not appear in the National Registry of Arrests.

Alleged Gulf Dartel members were captured after a shootout.

Gulf Cartel shooting

On the afternoon of May 10 in Tamaulipas, an armed confrontation was reported, which, according to initial reports, resulted in the killing of alleged members of the Gulf Cartel. The events were reported to have taken place near the Reynosa-Phar international bridge, where the presence of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) was reported, which pursued and confronted the crew members of a white van.

Similarly, last Sunday, May 7,Alan Alexis “N” and Axel Alfredo “N” were arrested, both identified as sons of a man known by the alias of El Contador, the latter being held in the Oriente prison in the capital of the country, the alleged leader of the Gulf Cartel and nephew of Osiel Cardenas Guillen (founder of the criminal group).