Gussy Lau confirms his courtship with Ángela Aguilar and says that Pepe Aguilar does support them

During the last hours of yesterday, Ángela Aguilar became the center of attention after some images were released in which she appears with a man much older than her and said to be her partner. Now, to the surprise of many and after revealing his identity, it is he himself who certifies the rumors.

René Humberto Lau Ibarra, better known as Gussy Lau, confirmed that he does have a love relationship with the interpreter of “La Llorosa” and assured that, contrary to what has been mentioned in various media, Pepe Aguilar does not oppose her.

“We started dating a couple of weeks ago, her parents agree and Ángela already knows my parents and our parents know each other. The photos are screenshots that I had, we wanted to keep it private, but a friend of mine took a photo of it and decided to share it on the internet, “said the singer-songwriter.

Finally, the composer revealed that, as a result of the leaking of the images, Ángela has been insulted on social networks while he is recognized as an idol for having such a young girlfriend and threatened to take legal action against anyone who exceeds the limits of respect for the singer.

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