Gussy Lau revealed the process of breaking up with Ángela Aguilar and affirms that he still loves her

The singer Ángela Aguilar and Gussy Lau were involved in a controversy over the leak of private photos – Photo: Rich Polk/Getty Images.

The composer Gussy Lau is recognized in the music industry for his great professionalism and gift when writing the lyrics of songs that great music stars have been able to sing. One of them is Christian Nodal with the hit “Aquí Abajo.”

However, he has had the happiness that other renowned performers of regional Mexican music manage to sing his lyrics that end up being quite receptive among his fans. Other of his works involved Ángela Aguilar with “Se Disfrazó” and “Ahí Donde Me Ven.”

“Ángela inspired me to compose them. Right now, I have no longer made topics for it. I have only written down a few phrases, ideas, nothing more, and nothing in particular in the last two months”, he mentioned when questioned on Éxito SACM’s blue carpet.

The press did not hesitate for a second to ask the Sinaloan if he was still in love with Angela, so in a very precise way, he decided to answer “yes,” despite all the bitter situation that both had to go through with the photos that were leaked on last April.

In addition, he assured the audience that the way their relationship came to end definitely hurt him because, to date, he still does not know the name of the person who could have revealed the images that damaged both of them so much. The composer explained that the people who knew about that romance were very close, and almost all were relatives.

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“It is better to have a heart in a thousand pieces but a conscience in one piece. We know we did things right. That was foreign to me. Whoever says that I have filtered it would never do it. And nothing, nothing else is learning. After the breakup, the distancing is better. To be in full maturity, there is no longer any point in continuing,” he added in the meeting with the journalists.

Nevertheless, he continues to work in Pepe Aguilar’s company because the contract must be fulfilled. In the meantime, he stresses that he is in one of the best moments of his career and added: “No, It hasn’t affected my work. The truth is, no”.