Gustavo Adolfo Infante attacked Eduardo Yáñez’s mother and apologizes to him

In the Gustavo Adolfo Infante interview with actor Eduardo Yáñezand during the meeting, the entertainment journalist apologized to him for having talked about his mother and having offended the memory of the artist’s mother.

On this occasion, Gustvo accepted the serious mistake he had made and accepted his guilt in the situation, which lightened the atmosphere in the interview, since it was the actor who directly asked him why he had done what he did.

On AmericanPost.News We previously announced that Infante apologized to Eduardo, but he sent him a hint, in which it was clear that there was still a lot of annoyance on his part, and in this last meeting, they managed to fix the situation.

What did Gustavo Adolfo Infante do against Eduardo’s mother?

The aggression provoked Eduardo’s anger He has a degree in journalism, in addition to having some specialties

The presenter De Primera Mano interviewed some people who had allegedly physically assaulted the mother of the soap opera heartthrob, and with this interview for his program, he sought to have the scoop of the action and thus have the two versions of the story to generate rating .

The mistake that Adolfo Infante made was that he did not look for Yáñez to give him his version of the events, but instead made everything public in the version of the former workers, which unleashed the actor’s anger.

For his part, Yáñez explained that he was forced to sue his former collaborators, since they were in charge of his mother but far from protecting her, they stripped her of an apartment that he had bought for her.

“My face fell with shame. I wanted to talk to you and there was no chance.”

Even as a joke, they both remembered Eduardo’s frisk and the actor commented that if Gustavo had been his “victim” it would have been perfect.

What studies does Gustavo Adolfo Infante have?

He has a degree in journalism, in addition to having some specialties

He graduated from the Carlos Septién García School of Journalism, which was the first educational institution in Mexico to teach journalism. He is one of the most controversial presenters on Mexican television.

Due to the information that has been handled, Gustavo Adolfo Infante’s program was suspended, but it was also due to the broadcasts of Tokyo 2020, the Olympic Games.

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