Gustavo Adolfo Infante spoke about the possible reconciliation of Belinda and Nodal: “She is very much in love”

After the breakup, Gustavo Adolfo Infante has made strong statements. (Photo: screenshot/nstagram @christiannodal)

Gustavo Adolfo Infante spoke again about the breakup Belinda and Christian Nodal. On this occasion, the entertainment journalist assured that the artists have maintained communication and did not rule out the possibility that they will resume their romance very soon.

The host of the program First hand He uploaded a video on his YouTube channel to share the new information he obtained from an alleged source close to the ex-partner. According to the journalist, Belinda is quite affected by the breakup and the feeling seems to be mutual between the singers.

Belinda is sad, if she is out of the loop, if she is desperate to return to Nodal, this girl is very much in love with Nodal and I understand that he is with her too“, said.

belinda and nodal
The singer thanked the support she has received from her fans after Christian Nodal confirmed their breakup. (Photo: Instagram/@belindapop)

Gustavo Adolfo Infante said that, according to his source, the ex-partner supposedly continues to be in contact through social networks and, despite this, they do not intend to meet again face to face for a while. Thanks to this new information, the entertainment journalist gave his opinion on the possibility that the star of children’s soap operas and the interpreter of bottle after bottle resume their courtship.

“They have been in contact, they have been talking, they have been messaging, someone very close to the couple has just confirmed it to me. I think it would be a matter of 15 days, a week. They do not want to see each other yet, right now they have put land in between, but messages and WhatsApp do, “she added.

This would not be the first time that the presenter of The minute that changed my destiny He talks about it, because since Christian Nodal confirmed the end of his relationship with Belinda, he has shared information through the television programs where he collaborates and his YouTube channel.

belinda and nodal
Some media figures have opined that Belinda should not return the engagement ring that Nodal gave her (Photo: Twitter)

A few days ago, the journalist commented that it would have been the Sonoran who would have decided to end his relationship and commitment to the protagonist of Friends forever. After her breakup, Belinda would be going through a very painful process, she would be looking for a way to get back with her ex-fiancé and, according to what Infante said on her YouTube channel, she would have sought help.

They told me that Belinda is desperate because of Nodal, that he finished her and that Belinda is going with a witch and a santero to return with Nodal. A very close person, someone who has seen that belinda is desperate going with a santera or a witch,” the journalist declared in his broadcast on February 17.

The reactions were immediate, as the users of the platform who followed the broadcast took a stand against the statements made by the journalist, assuring that the interpreter of Luz singravida is not a person who does that kind of thing because during her long trajectory in the middle has never shown to be a believer in such practices.

(Photo: Instagram/@belipop)
The singer’s new song was recently leaked and there are those who claim that the lyrics would talk about her relationship with Nodal (Photo: Instagram/@belipop)

“I don’t think so, Gustavo, maybe they teased you with that nonsense”,“ I don’t think Belinda does those shows”, “I don’t think such a young, beautiful and famous woman has to resort to those evils”, were some of the comments she received.

On the other hand, since the breakup was confirmed, a wave of speculation began about the reasons why the artists would have ended their relationship when they were already planning a wedding, from an alleged loan to possible infidelity. The artists have not confirmed or denied the rumors and have tried to continue their process away from the spotlight.

Given the situation, Belinda decided to raise her voice through her Instagram stories. The actress called for a stop to criticism, rumors and speculation that are related to her person, she assured that such comments constitute gender violence and, therefore, she will take legal action against those who have defamed her.


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