Guys cheat on their friend who will be a father, even the pressure is lowered on the party

A TikTok video goes viral because a group of young people they cheat on their friend who is going to be a dad in full celebration of his birthday.

And it is that the video went viral due to the young man’s reaction when he fell into the joke of his friends and his partner. And the netizens were at their best with his jokes:

“Even the blood rose.”

The joke where a group of young people cheat on their friend who will be a father, was published through the TikTok account @andresjustomartinez.

Boys cheat on their friend who will be a dad

The reaction is incredible. The comments have been funny.

The TikTok shows that in his full birthday celebration, the young man received a heavy joke in which her partner brought her a cake with a “candle”, which was not really a candle, but a similar utensil but used to reveal the sex of the baby.

It was so, that to celebrate, his friends begin to shout and celebrate, while they make noise because the candle gives off blue smoke, which suggests that they would have a boy.

“Mauricio Lozano Jr”, his friends shouted in chorus.

But the young man’s reaction was what caused the most fun, since it seemed that he was puzzled, because the birthday boy goes through different gestures from anguish and concern.

Seeing him very surprised, and to lower the tension, his partner confesses that it is a joke.

“CONTEXT: Our wedding was a day before, we were at our tornadoda, it was his birthday and we have said that we do not want children in a long time?”, Explained the young man’s partner.

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Prank video on young man

The comments have been funny.

After TikTok went viral, 1.1 million likes and more than 7 thousand comments have been reached, among which the following stand out:

  • “His blood and sugar went up”
  • “He went to meet San Pedro and returned”
  • “I was about to execute the ‘I’m going for cigarettes’ plan”
  • “He saw how the soul left his body”
  • “You can become diabetic”
  • “Another minute with the news and we are gone”

Without a doubt the video where a group of friends cheat on friend that he will be a dad was perfect and went viral.

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