‘Habacilar’ returns: The video with the voice of Raúl Romero confirming the return of the program

This Saturday the first preview of what would be the return of the program was released ‘Habacilar‘, with a new format, for this summer. América TV broadcast a mysterious preview in which the voice of Raúl Romero is heard, despite the fact that he has indicated that he will not return to the small screen.

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Trome was able to confirm that the recordings of ‘Habacilar’, in whose new version would be called ‘Ven a vacilarte’, begin in the middle of next week with the participation of popular TikTok stars and other social platforms.

Everything seems to indicate that the program will be led by Thalía Estabridis and Tracy Freundt, two of the best known models from the training program that led the popular ‘Bean Face’.


“Your summer afternoons will be the same again”, the narrator is heard saying in this video that it has already become a trend in social networks.

A few days ago, Thalía Estabridis and Tracy Freundt turned on social networks when a photo session went viral that everything indicates would be part of the promotion of the program.


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