Hailey Bieber reported that she does not plan to get pregnant this year

Hailey Beiber.

Photo: Jean-Baptiste Lacroix/AFP/Getty Images

The couple formed by Hailey and Justin Bieber He married twice at the end of the last decade, and since then the two lovers they have not stopped dodging questions and offering vague explanations about their desire to be parents in the near future.

Finally, and thanks to his last interview in the magazine of Wall Street Journalthe American model, niece of alec baldwin, has been able to clarify the doubts that his fans have not stopped expressing about it. Although he is excited about the prospect of starting a family with the pop star, the truth is that Hailey is in no hurry to materialize that goal and, for now, she will continue to focus on her professional commitments.

“I think the ideal would be to try it in the next two years. But when it comes to trying, that means we don’t know how long the process is going to take and what it’s going to entail. There will definitely be no kids this year, it would be too stressful, or so I think“He pointed out in their conversation.

The socialite recently launched its first line of cosmetics, “Rhode”and from that experience Hailey has ended up convincing herself that she is still too young to be a mother, which contrasts with the mentality that he exhibited shortly after marrying the singer. “Everyone assumes that for a woman love comes first, then marriage, and finally the baby. Okay, But what about all the things I want to accomplish with my business? I am 25 years old and I am too young to have children immediately“, he reflected.

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