Halo or portal? Unraveling the mystery of the light in Argentina’s Bariloche, in Patagonia

A celestial spectacle in Argentina's Patagonia, where a mysterious light sparks intrigue and scientific discovery.

A curious image has been making the rounds of social networks, causing a sensation among many people trying to understand what it is all about. The images correspond to Patagonia in Argentina, where a mysterious light appeared for no clear reason, giving the idea that it was a kind of door of light.

Some people spoke of a “portal to another dimension,” while others did not rule out that it was a UFO.

The images were captured from one of the peaks of Cerro Catedral while some people were skiing, according to the newspaper La Voz de Argentina.

In the video, you can see the mountain landscape and a ski slope. A sort of oval of light is superimposed over the landscape of the forest, mountains, and falling snow.

On Instagram, the user @gabychavez86, a photographer living in Argentine Patagonia, would have been, according to the newspaper, the person who posted the images.


Despite speculation, it is apparently a “halo” effect, a meteorological phenomenon. The halo is an optical phenomenon that can be seen as a disk around the Sun or the Moon, surrounded by an iridescent ring on its outer circumference.

The “halo” effect is usually seen in cold places such as Antarctica, Alaska, or Greenland, but it has also been seen in countries with tropical climates such as Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Peru, Panama, Mexico, and others.

The halo phenomenon is due to ice particles suspended in the troposphere, which refract light and generate a spectrum of colors around the Moon or the Sun.

The troposphere is the layer of the Earth’s atmosphere that is in contact with the Earth’s surface. It is also the area of the Earth that is home to almost all types of clouds.

Types of halos

There are different types of halos. The solar halo occurs when sunlight passes through tiny ice crystals suspended in the troposphere, causing sunlight to be scattered in a particular way and resulting in the formation of rings like the one seen in Bariloche.

The lunar halo can be observed when the moonlight is refracted by passing through ice crystals. This type of halo is only visible if there are sufficiently high and thin clouds and can only be seen when the Moon is close to full.

Users’ responses to the original publication show the impact the image had on people: “A portal between two worlds, stellar world and mother earth united in the light,” wrote one user, while someone else wrote: “That’s why you meditate in the mountains, always, everything, appears in the mountains.”