Handsome actor celebrates 4 years away from drugs and alcohol

A famous Cuban actor excitedly shared that he has spent four years without consuming toxic substances, since He had no problem making the addiction problem public which, fortunately, he was able to overcome.

This is the famous Alberto Guerra who announced: “4 years without drugs or alcohol. I started to ‘celebrate’ my sobriety on this beautiful social network, inspired by the crack @anarconde, who still an example for me. It’s been 4 years since I had to redefine my way of relating to the world and, above all, to myself.

“They have been the best years of my life, without a doubt,” he wrote along with a photo with his children Lúa and Luka; Well, Alberto Guerra is 36 years old and is the father of: Penélope (17 years old), Lúa (2 years old) and Luka (1 month).

Handsome actor quit drugs

From what can be seen in the post, he tagged the other two important women in his life: his eldest daughter, Penelope, and his wife Zuria Vega, who have also been a fundamental part of this process.

That was not all, as Guerra recognized that the mental health of men is still a taboo subject and reflected on how this affects those who are vulnerable: “The issue with addictions and mental health is that they continue to be a taboo subject. It’s still a stigma, because men’s mental health still is.”

“That’s how they taught us, being an addict, asking for help, talking to your loved ones and someone specialized automatically makes you a weak man.”

Finally, he added: “You are less of a man if you don’t drink that mezcalito. You have to keep answering questions pe…, you have to keep explaining that 0.0 is a beer but without alcohol and that yes, that’s how you want to drink it, without alcohol, ”he pointed out.

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Alberto Guerra’s message

Alberto Guerra, whom we will recently see in the miniseries Griselda with Sofía Vergara, dedicated some tender words to his family, since it has been a key piece in achieving that emotional stability that he enjoys today.

“It’s been 4 years of enjoying mine in the best way, of surrounding myself with cool people. 4 years in which I went from having no p… idea of ​​how to conceive life, from ‘getting into’ something and even doubting if I could continue acting… ”, she wrote.

The actor took stock of his life, referring to the great moment he is going through. “Life, today, is more ch… than ever. My family, my job, new and old friends (those that remain) and my liver thank me daily. So… keep enjoying yourself, we are on top of the world”, he wrote.

It should be noted that Zuria Vega reacted to her husband’s words by acknowledging the strength that the father of her children had in not lowering his guard: “Keep enjoying yourself. It’s easy to say, but ufff… bravo, today is a happy day.” commented the actress.

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