Handsome actor “kisses men” has been replaced in Televisa program

A controversial actor and host of Televisawho would have lost his exclusive contract with the company, after a 35-year career with the company, sparked the concern of all his admirers and fans because on Monday morning he did not return to work on the Hoy program .

It is about the famous Mexican Raúl El Negro Araiza, who three weeks ago went off the air because supposedly checked into a rehab clinic.

The 57-year-old presenter experienced a strong stage of alcoholism in the past while he was still married to the mother of his daughters, Fernanda Rodríguez, whom he divorced in 2019 after 24 years of marriage.

Soap opera heartthrob in rehab?

It turns out that a supposed friend of Doña Norma Herrera’s son revealed in recent days that Araiza had not shown up to work at the Las Estrellas morning show because he was rehabilitating, but he assured that it was not a relapse.

On the other hand, reports indicate that the heartthrob of soap operas, such as Cadenas de amargura (1991), The right to be born (2001), A hook to the heart (2008-2009) and La desalmada (2021) had been hospitalized of his own free will because I was experiencing a difficult moment on a personal level due to excess stress:

“He decided to enter therapy, find a moment of peace, focus on where he is going, what he wants in life, what he no longer wants and understand himself … He already had a lot of stress and many things in his head,” they assured the TV Notes magazine.

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Raúl El Negro Araiza breaks the silence

Raúl El Negro Araiza breaks the silence

A day after this information was leaked, Raúl himself broke the silence and implied that he was “locked up” in a place to take therapy and assured that he returned to his normal life recharged and with more energy than ever. During the night of this Sunday, August 14, the driver published a selfie in which he appears posing from an elevator in a rock outfit and wrote:

“In peace”.

But this Monday morning Araiza, who has caused controversy for kissing other actors such as Paul Stanley, Jorge El Burro Van Rankin and Julio Bracho, shared an image in his Instagram stories in which the following message is read:

“Fate whispered to the warrior ‘you cannot withstand the storm’ and the warrior whispered back ‘I am the storm'” while he added the word “I”.

It should be noted that the faithful admirers and fans of Raúl El Negro Araiza believed that this morning he would finally rejoin the leadership of Hoy after almost a month off the air, but that was not the case.

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