Handsome Televisa host marries her boyfriend, after farewell in Las Vegas

A famous journalist and host of Televisa Not long ago, she celebrated her bachelor party in Las Vegas and now this weekend she took the next step with her boyfriend, as several images of her wedding have been leaked.

This Saturday, August 13, several celebrities gathered at a farm located in the State of Mexico to celebrate the civil wedding between Jorge Ugalde and Raúl Arregui Mena, one of the most famous events of the weekend.

It can be seen that the couple was a little hermetic in sharing this moment with their social media followers, the actor Sebastián Rulli shared the romantic moment through his Instagram stories.

Handsome Televisa host marries

Handsome Televisa host marries Other details of the wedding

On this occasion, both bride and groom decided to wear a suit with the same plaid design, only the colors changed, Jorge wore a blue piece and Raúl a wine-colored one.

That is why in an image the couple is seen to seal their love pact with a romantic kiss on the mouth amid applause and a strong hug; Jorge Ugalde was visibly moved during the ceremony. Among those present, it was also possible to appreciate the presence of the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, who wore black pants and a black blouse.

“Goodbye singleness, welcome marriage. May it be for many years Raúl Arregui, I love you. To infinity and beyond”,

That was what Jorge Ugalde wrote on his social networks. Later he showed how he was preparing to look perfect on this important day and began to thank all the people who have sent him congratulations for this great step.

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Other wedding details

Other wedding details

It should also be noted that the actor Alan Estrada was present and sang live for the bride and groom during the party where you could see hanging disco spheres and a huge dance floor where the newlyweds had their first dance. This is how one of the most beloved reporters of the shows manages to take another step in his personal life.

If we remember the collaborator of the program ¡Cuéntamelo Ya! He celebrated his bachelor party in Las Vegas, Nevada, last May, as he revealed on his social networks, where he shared some images of the celebration. Jorge Ugalde published some details of his vacation in the company of his friends and his then-fiancé, Raúl Arregui Mena.

It is worth mentioning that the couple decided to take a trip to the so-called “City of Sin” to celebrate their commitment in a big way in the company of their relatives. As you will remember, a few days ago, Jorge Ugalde said nervously about his future wedding: “One year after the engagement and 3 months after the wedding. Nerves more emotion. I love you future husband,” he wrote at the bottom of a photo with Raúl.

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